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Bonding With Karen

By Doug R

It was the summer of 1977, and I was staying over at my Aunt Jean's house with my cousins Donna (13), Shirley (11), George (7), and Keith (16). On the very first day, I was abducted, tied up and tickled by Becca (14) as revenge for making a snide comment about her.

When we retired to bed that night, I figured that would be the end of any bondage games until the following Monday. But, as you well know by now, whenever I thought I knew what was going to occur, the opposite always happens. Karen (13) stayed over at my Aunt Jean's on Saturday. Karen was a good friend of Donna's. I met her for the first time last summer during a bondage game, just after she moved into my cousins' neighborhood. Karen was a shy, reserved girl who usually preferred being the captive during our games. But, like most quiet people, she always managed to surprise us. After becoming a captor for the very first time last summer, Karen further surprised me when she wrote me letters after I returned home, and when I replied in kind, we kept up a steady correspondence (this was back in the days before e-mail). In one of her letters, she expressed her excitment at seeing me again this summer.

I would have no idea just how much she meant it.

I couldn't sleep that Saturday night. It was my first night away from home, and trying to sleep in a different bed wasn't easy. Even though I didn't really have to go, I got up and went to the bathroom, just for something to do.

When I came out, Karen was waiting for me.

She was barefoot, clad in pink summer pajamas that had short sleeves and short pants. In fact, her pants only came down to her knees, reminding me of the old-style breeches that people wore in the 18th century. You could say she even looked like a pirate, especially in the way that she leaned with one leg bent up, and a bare foot placed flat against the wall. When she saw me, Karen gave me the faintest of smiles and said, "Hi."

"Hi," I replied, as I started to walk past her. I stopped when she abruptly tapped me on the shoulder. "What?"

"What?" Karen parroted back at me.

"Why did you tap my shoulder?" I asked.

"Oh, you mean like this?" And she tapped my bare shoulder once more. Then Karen giggled. "Does this annoy you?" She tapped me yet again.

"Yeah, it does," I said, a grin breaking over my face. "Look, if you're waiting for the bathroom, it's free, now."

"I wasn't waiting for the bathroom," Karen said, as she tapped me again. "I was waiting to do this." Yet another tap. Her smile grew wider. "You gonna do something about it?"

When I held my hands out as if to grab her, Karen jumped away from me in a frivolous little dance. "Gonna have to catch me, first," she said in a sing-song manner as she skipped into the kitchen.

I was beginning to wonder if there was something in the water supply in my cousins' town --not that I was complaining! I gave chase. To make a long story short, we wound up in the basement rec room, where I cornered a corner, oddly enough.

"Give up?" I asked.

Karen, all flushed and giggly after our impromptu game of cat and mouse, nodded. Then she held her hands up in surrender. This was the unofficial signal from a captive which indicated that she (or he) was ready to be bound. I had actually thought twice about binding Karen. It was late, and what if my Aunt and Uncle heard us frolicking about and decided to investigate?

But, "Seize the day", y'know? Besides, neither of us were tired, anyway.

Karen told me that where the "bondage bag" was stashed in the rec room. When I opened it, I found clothesline rope, and a roll of tape.

That faint smile had returned to Karen's face again when I tied her wrists behind her back. Being the paranoid twelve year old boy that I was, I wondered if she was enjoying some private joke at my expense. As I bound her wrists, she actually glanced at me over her shoulder and gave me a broad grin.

"Something funny?" I finally asked.

"Nope," Karen quickly replied. But the smile never left her lips.

I tied her wrists in the double-knot fashion: an extra strand of rope bound vertically over the original bond. Once I was finished, I gestured for Karen to take a seat on the sofa. She did so with a flourish, letting out a helpless little grunt, like a damsel from an old movie serial. I bent down and bound her feet together at the ankles. Karen leaned forward in her seat and watched this with intense interest. When I was done, she wiggled her toes at me. She let out a shrill "No! No! No!" when I grabbed her ankles and tickled the soles of her feet.

Karen wiggled and squirmed wildly as I tickled her--until I saw her glance up at something behind me with wide eyes, and I instantly figured that I had a lot of explaining to do to either my Aunt Jean or Uncle Steve--or both. However, thankfully, it turned out to be Donna. Barefoot, my cousin stood clad in her customary pjs--which was just an extra large football jersey that came down to her mid-thigh. She appeared to have just woken up, and stood there with this bewildered look on her sleepy face that was comical.

Still looking puzzled, Donna held her hands up and shook her head at Karen--to which Karen responded with a little shrug. It was a brief, silent exchange between the girls.

"We couldn't sleep," I said simply.

"Yeah, I noticed," Donna said laconically.

I reminded Donna that I still had to get her back for telling Becca about the snide comment I made about her. "So you better start looking over your shoulder from now on," I warned her.

Frowning, Donna folded her arms and said, "What's wrong with right now?"

I threw my hands up and said, "Why not?"

I tied Donna's wrists together behind her back in the same, double-knot fashion which I had bound Karen. Then I made my cousin sit down next to Karen on the sofa. As I hunched over Donna's legs to tie her ankles together, Donna turned to Karen and whispered something in her ear. Karen's reaction to this was to gasp sharply and whisper "Shut up!" as harshly as she could.

Donna burst into laughter as Karen--her hands tied behind her--nudged Donna with her shoulder. Donna, still laughing, fell against the arm of the sofa.

Karen's face was as red as a lobster. Taking a deep breath, she turned to me and said, "Doug, please gag her!"

"I'm the captor, here, remember?" I told her. I glanced at a still-giggling Donna and asked, "What was that about?"

"Nothing," Karen muttered indignantly.

"I'm asking Donna." I finally finished binding Donna's ankles just as she finished her giggling fit. I picked up her bound feet and placed them on my knee. Then I made a tickling gesture with my hand, placing my wiggling fingers no more than a millimeter away from her bare soles.

"Don't you dare!" Donna cried.

"Then tell me what you were talking about," I said.

"No," Donna firmly said--much to Karen's visible relief. My cousin drew herself up as far as her bonds would allow and added, "You tickle me, and I swear I'll scream so loud--"

"Not if I gag you," I countered.

Now both of the girls burst into laughter, and I immediately regretted saying that; for I realized too late that if I gagged Donna, then I couldn't very well interrogate her, now, could I? Giving in to the stand-off, I grabbed the tape and gagged them both. I placed a couple of strips over their mouths.

I sat down on the sofa opposite of them and watched the bound and gagged girls as they tried their best to free each other without looking too obvious about it. They sat close together, their eyes gazing warily at me over their gags as their hands got real busy behind their backs.

I had some fun when I jumped up and said, "Oh, I forgot to double-check your knots!"

Both Karen and Donna instantly held up their bound feet for me to inspect, but when I tried to check the ropes binding their wrists, they pressed tightly against each other and shook their heads 'no' resolutely.

I stood back with my hands on my hips and said, "Well, I guess you're tied pretty tight."

Karen and Donna then nodded vigorously at me--all the while, their hands were working furiously to free each other. I could have easily stopped them, but I was finally beginning to feel the lateness of the hour and was looking forward to getting some sleep.

Donna's hands were freed, first. Yet she merely sat there glaring wide-eyed at me, as if to say, "Do you mind?"

The fact was, I enjoyed watching them--and not just for the reasons that you may surmise. I found their company to be very gratifying. Yet as much as I didn't want to leave them, I reluctantly did. "Well, I might as well get to sleep," I said, as I went back upstairs to bed.

As I laid in bed, I heard them walking by my door outside--not their footsteps, but their gentle laughter and intense whispers. The door swung open and Karen tip-toed into the room after switching on the light. When I glanced up at her, Karen gave me a broad grin and a little wave of her hand.

In her other hand, she held a roll of tape, and several strands of rope were slung over her shoulder.

"I just wanna tuck you in," Karen whispered, as she gagged me with a strip of tape. I laughed quietly at this; it's hard to describe, but it was the way she said it that was very funny--sort of in a casual manner that belied her actions.

Karen tied my hands together at the wrist in front of me. Then, she secured my bound wrists above my head to the headboard. George, whose bedroom I shared whenever I slept over at my Aunt Jean's, was wide awake in his own bed now. He sat up, blinking his sleepy eyes and watched Karen tying me up with intense interest.

Karen then grabbed the bed sheet I was covered with and pulled it off of me. I was shirtless, clad only in a pair of red cotton shorts. Taking the last strand of rope she had, Karen used it to bind my ankles together. She tickled my bare feet, but I wouldn't give her the satisfaction of laughing, so she quickly gave up.

After giving me a thorough once-over, Karen started to pull the sheets over me, when she abruptly stopped and said, "It's too darn hot...." She left the sheets off.

"Nighty-night, Doug," Karen whispered as she left the room. I heard some more frenzied whispering outside, then it grew quiet. I glanced over at George, who simply stared expectantly at me for a while, as if waiting for me to explode, or something. Then, he got out of bed, walked around my own bed, and switched the lights off. He got back into his own bed without a sound.

And so I was on my own. No matter. While Karen usually tied some pretty fierce knots, this time she wasn't too picky about the amount of slack I had on the rope which secured my wrists to the headboard--and it was a lot. My ankles, while bound together, weren't tied down to the opposite end of the bed. And so, with some wiggling and squirming, I was able to get my hands close enough to the headboard to pull the knot that secured my wrists loose.

I sat up and removed my gag with my still-bound hands. I thought I saw George shifting under the covers in the illumination cast by his night light. I sarcastically whispered, "Thanks for trying to free me, George."

I saw his sheets sharply wiggle in response, then he laid still--playing possum. When I asked him the following day why he didn't help free me, George just shrugged with a puzzled look on his face, as if the answer to that question was one of the great mysteries of the universe.

I chewed on the knot which bound my wrists (I remember it didn't taste very well) until I was able to pull my hands loose. I bent over and started to untie my ankles, when the door opened, and in strolled Karen with Donna and Shirley following close behind.

Karen flicked the light on, saw me untying my ankles, and did an abrupt about face--which caused her to bump into Donna. Karen frantically said "Oooooo, he's free! He's free!...." in a high-pitched whisper. All three girls retreated back out the door in a giggly mass of waving hands. They didn't even close the door.

I thought I heard my Aunt and Uncle stirring outside, so I forgot about untying my ankles and simply hopped over and shut the door. I switched off the light and hopped back into bed. I tried untying my ankles in the dimness until I heard the door once again opening. I pulled the sheets over me as I laid back down.

My Aunt Jean peered in at us, then whispered, "Good night, guys." Then the door shut again.

Once again, I pulled the sheets off of me and bent over to finally free my ankles once and for all (at least until the next bondage game). George's blankets wiggled once again in the dimness--a sight which reminded me of the Horta alien from Star Trek--and I glared at him until he laid still once more. Eventually, I got some sleep. When I awoke the next day, I discovered I had slept with a pile of loose ropes surrounding me like dead snakes. We wouldn't be able to play another bondage game until that Tuesday, when Becca resumed her revenge against me--with Karen thrown into the mix. That will be next. As always, thanks for reading.

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