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By Doug R

When I was twelve years old, in the summer of 1977, I stayed at my Aunt Jean's house for three weeks. When it came to playing tie up games, that summer already proved to be very busy: I played two games with my cousins Donna (13) and Shirley (11)--with George (7), as the ever delighted observer--when they stayed at my house. Then, on the very first day that I arrived at Aunt Jean's, I was "abducted" by Becca (14), and tied up and tickled at her house (see my post in the August, Part One archive). Becca had to reluctantly cut our game short when her parents came home, but she swore she would resume the game with me as her captive, and on the following Tuesday, Becca kept her word (she was, if nothing else, a very determined young woman).

I brought my bike with me that year, and I had spent the day riding around the neighborhood with George and Becca's brother Jim (12), a fellow "tie-up" enthusiast whom I had also become good friends with. I was barefoot, clad in shorts and a t-shirt, and George and Jim were also dressed the same--except Jim wore a tank top. When we returned to Jim's house, I got a greeting I would never forget.

While Jim, George and I sat chatting on our bikes in the driveway, Becca came out of the house with Donna and Shirley in tow. Karen was nowhere in sight. Becca made a beeline straight for me.

Becca had spent her afternoon lounging around the pool with the other girls. While she hadn't been swimming yet, Becca still wore her two piece bathing suit, and her long blond hair was pulled back into a pony tail. As soon as she approached me, Becca angrily put her hands on her hips and said, "Get off the bike, Doug."

"Why?" I asked, taken aback by her abruptness. "What's wrong?"

Becca exhaled slowly, then said, "Just get off the bike and come with me. NOW."

Everybody around us went "Oooooo" as I climbed off of my bike and leaned it up against the side of the house. No sooner did I turn around then Becca grabbed my arm and pulled me along with her as we went inside her house. I was dragged downstairs to a small guest bedroom in Becca's basement. And it was there that I finally found Karen.

Barefoot, and clad in a two piece bathing suit with a flowery design, Karen laid on the single bed with her wrists tied together above her head to the headboard. Her ankles were also bound together and--since this bed had no foot posts--secured to the bed by a length of rope which ran over the end of the mattress and was fastened to the frame beneath. She was gagged with tape, and blindfolded with a handkerchief; the blindfold cut a swath through her thick, shoulder-length black hair. I couldn't help but notice that Karen laid to one side of the bed, and that two more, unused strands of rope were tied to the headboard, as well as to the frame underneath. It wasn't hard for me to figure out who would soon be tied up next to Karen. Before I could ask again just what the hell was going on, Becca gagged me with several strands of tape, then tied my hands together in front of me.

"Ok, Becca said, with a big smile, "lie down.

Becca had me lie down in the opposite direction of Karen, so that my head was next to her bound feet, and vice versa. Just as she was about to secure my bound hands to the rope tied to the bed frame, Donna reminded her that it would be best to blindfold me first. After Becca blindfolded me with a handkerchief, my arms were pulled over my head and securely tied down to the foot of the bed.

I felt a strand of rope coil around my ankles and tighten as Becca tied an initial knot. Then she wrapped the rope around a few times more and cinched it off in a final knot. Becca actually grabbed my ankles and pulled my body taut before securing my bound ankles to the headboard. Once she was finished, I was tied down to the bed like Karen next to me.

As I felt Becca tugging at my knots, she took this moment to finally explain what was going on. It appeared that Donna and Shirley had told her about the tie up games they had played with me and some of my friends when they stayed at my house the previous week--then she learned that I played another tie up game with Karen when she stayed over at Aunt Jean's this past Saturday.

"How dare you?" Becca said jokingly to Karen and me. "Don't you guys realize you're not supposed to have any fun without me? Well, you can just lay there for a few hours and think about what you're going to say when you apologize later, ok?"

I let out an involuntary yelp under my gag when Becca pulled up my shirt and tickled my bare stomach. I heard Karen give out a similar muffled cry, and figured she was given the same treatment. Then I felt tickling fingers rubbing the soles of my feet. It was hard to brace yourself for a tickle attack when you were blindfolded--it was pretty unnerving, actually; sort of like being assaulted in the dark. Thankfully, after a few more minutes of this mild torture, Becca finally ceased.

When our captor and friends left us, I heard--and felt--Karen struggling and writhing on the bed next to me. My only regret was that I couldn't SEE her doing this. Nevertheless, I decided to join in and tested my bonds as best I could. But it was a futile gesture, at best. My wrists and ankles were pinned down to the opposite ends of the bed. In short, I wasn't going anywhere. Karen kept squirming around next to me, mmmpphh-ing up a storm under her gag in short, little grunts. I started laughing uproariously when I heard her humming a song with her muffled "mmmpphhhs". She sang in the choir at school, but this was no doubt the first time she'd tried crooning through a tape gag with muffled grunts.

That was when I felt a presence in the room. To this day, I am not sure how I initially knew somebody had entered. Everybody was barefoot, so I certainly didn't hear any footsteps. Nevertheless, the next thing I knew, somebody was untying the knot which bound my wrists.

I felt the ropes grow slack, then fall away as I pulled my arms loose. I rolled over on my side and yanked off my blindfold, but my mysterious benefactor was already gone. Karen had begun a muffled rendition of what sounded like "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"--but she stopped when she felt me sit up on the bed.

I pulled off my gag and was about to untie my feet when I paused and gazed at Karen. This was the first summer she had ever worn a two piece bathing suit, and her bare belly was completely exposed and vulnerable for me to tickle. I was sorely tempted--I even briefly held my hand right over her stomach--but when she let out a scared little sound under her gag, I couldn't do it. Instead, I reached up and pulled her blindfold down.

When she saw my hands were free, Karen's eyes lit up with joy. She made a high-pitched, muffled sound under her gag which sounded like my name. When I removed her gag, she whispered, "How did you get free?"

"I didn't," I replied, as I bent over to untie my ankles. "Somebody snuck in and untied me."

"George," Karen said with a big smile. Of course, who else could it be? As much as George enjoyed watching our tie-up games, he also loved throwing a monkey wrench into the proceedings by untying the captives whenever he could, and watching the fall-out. He was protected from retribution by his big brother Keith (age 16), who enforced a standing death-threat against anybody foolish enough to even think about tying up the little guy.

Once my feet were free, I knelt over Karen and unfastened her wrists from the headboard, then I untied her feet. I undid the knot which bound her hands together, and I even helped her off of the bed. In retrospect, I guess I was feeling a little guilty about what happened before, when I considered tickling Karen while she was still trussed up and helpless. Karen didn't seem to mind my over-attentiveness towards her. In fact, she appeared to enjoy it.

As we warily crept out of the bedroom, we ran into George, who was the only one in the rec room. I smiled broadly when I saw him. "George," I began, "Thanks for--"

George turned away from us and yelled, "HEY! THEY'RE LOOSE!"

I gaped at the little back-stabber in shock as Karen pulled on my arm and said, "C'mon, let's go!"

But there was really no place to go or hide. Becca and the others were already down the steps and in the rec room in a flash before Karen and I could even decide where to go. If nothing else, it was worth it just to see the stunned look on everyone's faces when they saw that we were really free.

Of course, Becca immediately wanted to know how Karen and I untied ourselves--to which our response was merely silence. "Fine," Becca said, with a shrug. "Then let's see you do it again."

However, before we were tied up again, Becca insisted that I remove my shirt and shorts. She was convinced that I had a penknife, or some other gizmo which I used in my escape.

Donna, ever the calm, rational voice, pointed out that even if I had something hidden on my person, how could I have reached it with my hands tied above my head? But Becca wouldn't listen to reason. She wanted me to strip even if it meant I had to go back to my Aunt Jean's house and change.

I assured them that removing my clothes right there wouldn't be a problem. I had been planning on going swimming later, so I wore my bathing suit under my shorts. After I stripped off my shirt and shorts, Becca promptly tied my hands together at the wrists behind my back with rope. Karen's hands were bound by Becca in the same fashion. Becca asked Donna and Shirley to set up two wooden chairs in the middle of the rec room, facing each other. Karen and I were made to sit down on them with our bound hands behind the back of each chair.

Becca then fastened my bound hands with another strand of rope to the horizontal bar that ran between the chair's rear legs. Then she tied my ankles separately to each of the chair's front legs. When I was properly bound to the chair, I sat and watched as Becca tied Karen down to her own chair in the same way.

Becca went into the bedroom to fetch the roll of tape to gag us with, and I decided to use this moment to chide George. "First you untie me, then you turn us in," I said with mock disgust. "Have you no shame?"

George suddenly grew alarmed. "I never untied you!" he said hotly.

When Becca returned with the tape, she overheard George's last comment and said, "So, THAT'S how they escaped, huh?" "I didn't untie them!" George protested. But nobody believed him. After Karen and I were re-gagged, and our blindfolds pulled back over our eyes, Becca announced that this time, George would never leave her sight. George's answer to that was to yell "I DIDN'T UNTIE THEM!" one last time before angrily running out of the rec room. I heard Donna calling George's name as she went upstairs after him.

Our captors solemnly discussed George's outburst while I tried to test my bonds as furtively as possible. I tugged against the rope which secured my wrists to the chair's legs--until I heard Becca say right into my ear: "I LOVE it when you struggle, Doug! Do it again!"

I felt my cheeks flush with embarrassment as everybody burst into laughter. Then Becca said, "Aw, look, I made him blush!"

I flinched when I felt Becca tickle my chin with her finger.

The mirthful mood was cut short when we heard a door slam upstairs.

"Did George and Donna leave?" Jim asked.

"I don't know," Shirley replied.

This was followed by silence, which lasted a while. However, just when I had assumed that Karen and I had been left alone again, I felt the hands of my mysterious benefactor pulling loose the knot which tied my wrists.

Once my hands were free, I tried yanking off my blindfold before my guardian angel got away, but it was too late, again. It took a few seconds to untangle my hands from the loosened rope, and once I finally pulled my blindfold down, my liberator was already long gone.

Karen sat slumped in her chair, lazily rocking her blindfolded head back and forth from shoulder to shoulder. I whispered, "I'm free, again. Hang on, I'll be right with ya."

Karen was so startled, her body jumped up as if she'd received a shock. I bent over in the chair and untied my ankles from the chair legs. Then I went over and pulled down Karen's blindfold for the second and last time that day. When I removed her gag, she regarded me with smirk and said, "Hi, Houndini."

"I wish," I muttered, as I began untying her wrists. I explained that my escape was once again the result of our mysterious helper. Once Karen's wrists were free, I knelt back on the floor and waited for her to untie her ankles. However, Karen merely glanced down at her still-tied ankles, then stared at me expectantly.

When I leaned forward to untie her left ankle, Karen patted my bare back and whispered "Thanks, Doug!"

She kept her hand on my shoulder until I gave her an odd look. Karen quickly pulled her hand away with a big, sheepish grin on her face.

When I started untying Karen's right ankle, Becca came back down into the rec room. To say that she was not happy was putting it mildly.

"OH, COME ON!!!" she screeched, as her hands balled up into fists. Not able to find anything to hit, Becca merely waved her fists up and down as she let out a frustrated groan through her gritted teeth.

Shirley, who stood behind her, muttered, "Well, at least we know it wasn't George this time...."

When Jim showed up, Becca whirled on him and cried, "It was you! You were the last one out of the room. So you freed them! Admit it! It was you!"

At first, Jim had this "who me?" look. Then his face cracked into a broad smile as he said, "Guilty as charged."

We all apologized to George, who had been sulking on the back patio, with Donna kneeling next to him, trying to talk her little brother out of his blue mood. George happily accepted our apologies.

Jim wound up spending the night over at my Aunt Jean's house; he said it was because he wanted to hang out with me--which we did--but I, along with everybody else, knew it was really because he wanted to avoid any retribution from his extremely ticked off older sister. Nobody could blame him.

However, if Jim thought that by spending the night someplace else, Becca would simply let things slide, he was dead wrong. As I've said before, Becca was one determined young woman, and she was never more determined than when it came to revenge. Becca struck back at Jim that very night, and she merrily abducted any innocent bystanders--namely me--who got in her way. That will be next time. As always, thanks for reading.

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