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The Midnight Capture of Becca & Doug

By Doug R

In the summer of 1976, when I was eleven years old, I spent three weeks with my cousins at my Aunt Jean's house. My cousins--Donna (12)and Shirley (10)--began playing a series of bondage games several years earlier. They recruited the neighboring kids Becca (13)and her brother Jimmy (11), while I was "roped" into their games for the first time during the previous summer. Becca had become such a master at these games that, for the longest time, she was the "captor". At least until my younger cousin George (6) and I decided to "kidnap" her from the pool-side of her home and tie her up at my Aunt Jean's house on the Monday of my second week (see my previous post, dated August 15).

After keeping her tied up for the customary half hour (actually, it was slightly longer than that), I untied Becca and she remained with us at my Aunt Jean's to go swimming in the pool (she was already clad in her bathing suit, anyway). Throughout the day, Donna, Shirley and Karen (12), another friend who participated in the games, would good-naturedly taunt Becca with the fact that she never escaped from my bonds, which technically meant that she was still my captive. She merely shrugged this off as if it was no big deal. But as far as I was concerned, my little game with Becca was finished the moment I untied her--besides, both Aunt Jean and my oldest cousin Keith (15) had returned home, so there was no way we could play another bondage game that day (or so I thought). In any event, Becca already swore vengeance on me, which was something I was really looking forward to, since I enjoyed being tied up even more as I did being the captor. And Becca--like Donna and Shirley--had showed a real flair for bondage in the past.

Becca wound up spending the night with us at Aunt Jean's. She went home briefly to get some clothes--but then promptly jumped back into the pool upon her return. Like the rest of us, Becca remained in her bathing suit for the better part of the day, until it became too dark to go swimming anymore. Unfortunately, Karen's mother not only denied her permission to stay over, she ordered her only daughter to return home for dinner over the phone. Broken-hearted, Karen left us with the promise that she'll return first thing in the morning. The evening went by pretty quietly. My Uncle Steve came home from work and ate dinner with us. Then we settled into the normal routine of watching TV until it grew so late that the adults ordered us to bed.

I changed into my pajamas in the bathroom. My "pajamas" were basically a pair of dark blue cotton shorts. Since my Aunt Jean's house had no air-conditioning, this became a more practical outfit to wear to bed. I wore no shirt. I shared a bedroom with George, who normally shared it with Keith. Keith slept on the fold-out sofa bed in the living room whenever I stayed over. At times, I felt a little guilty about this arrangement, since I was putting Keith out of his own bed, after all--but if Keith ever begrudged me, he never said anything about it. Becca slept in one of the beds in Donna and Shirley's bedroom, while the sisters shared the other.

The house quieted down for the night. It must have been around twelve when I heard my Aunt and Uncle retreat into their bedroom. I laid on my bed, reading some comics while George was already drifting off to sleep in his own bed.

And that was when the weirdness began.

When the door to our bedroom swung open, I thought it might have been Aunt Jean, with a reminder for me. Instead it turned out to be Donna, Shirley and Becca. All of the girls were dressed for bed. Shirley and Donna wore their traditional summer nightgowns, while Becca was clad only in an over-sized powder blue shirt which came down to her mid-thigh.

I sat up and was about to ask what was going on when I noticed that Becca was gagged with tape. When Donna gently made her sit down on my bed, I further saw that Becca's hands were double-bound together at the wrists behind her back. Becca stared wide-eyed at me while Shirley shut the door. Donna pulled a strip of tape off from the roll and knelt on the mattress between me and Becca.

Just when I thought Donna was going to reinforce Becca's gag, she instead stuck the strip of tape over my mouth. "Roll over on your stomach," Donna ordered briskly.

When I did what she said, Donna then quickly tied my wrists together behind my back with some rope. After wrapping another strand of rope vertically over the original bond on my wrists, Donna made Becca and me stand up. I was amazed to see George was still sound asleep. He had slept peacefully through my abduction.

Shirley stood guard at the door, and when she gave the all clear signal, we were herded out of the bedroom. Shirley ran ahead of us to make sure the coast was clear. We were all barefoot, so we didn't make a sound as we walked. The house was dark, with the exception of a night light in the kitchen. As I was led past the living room, I could faintly see Keith sprawled out on the fold-out bed. The girls acted as if they didn't care whether he saw us or not.

We were led downstairs to the basement rec room, which already had the lights turned on in advance for its two new captives. Once there, I saw that the girls had even laid out pre-cut lengths of rope on the floor. I was made to kneel on the floor against the sofa by Donna, while Shirley made Becca sit on the sofa itself. Donna took another length of rope and wrapped it around my midriff, securing my arms at the elbows to my sides. Then, while I was still in a kneeling position, she bound my ankles together, double-binding them with two separate knots like she did with my wrists.

I glanced over to see Becca getting bound exactly how I was--the only difference was she sat on the sofa. Becca let out a growl under her gag when Shirley reached down to tickle her bound feet. Donna came over and rechecked Becca's bonds while Shirley rechecked mine. When we were deemed to be securely bound, Donna turned to Becca and smugly said, "I hope this suits you, my dear."

Becca merely regarded her with a snobbish look--which I thought was amazing. Only Becca could still be defiant even when she was a bound and gagged captive. I had the feeling that had she not been gagged, Becca would have given a tart reply to Donna's taunt.

There were a few more gentle jibes from my cousins, then they left us alone. Before they left, Shirley went to shut off the lights, but Donna made her keep them on. "Shut the door," she told her sister. "Nobody'll see the lights from upstairs that way." "See you guys in the morning," Shirley whispered to us. Then she silently closed the door.

Becca wasted no time. As soon as we were alone, she started wiggling her body forward until she sat on the very edge of the sofa. Then, she carefully twisted sideways and bent her bound legs underneath her as she slowly slid down to a kneeling position on the floor. This was actually easier said than done, yet Becca did it. She now knelt right beside me in front of the sofa. Her back was facing mine.

I leaned backwards with my bound hands reaching out for Becca's. Yet as hard as my hands groped, I couldn't find the knot binding Becca's wrists--heck, I couldn't even find Becca! I kept groping around until my fingers touched her toes, which wiggled. When I heard a muffled giggle, I craned my head over my should saw Becca's own shoulders shaking in laughter. Apparently, she had also leaned back in an effort to find my bonds, but went to her left while I also leaned slightly to my left--thus we both just missed each other.

I felt the firm grip of her fingers tightly grasp my hands, then she slid her hands up until she found the knot which bound my wrists and immediately began tugging. I was content to simply kneel there while Becca worked on my knot, which she managed to pull loose after about a minute of muffled grunting. The problem was, Donna double-bound both our wrists and ankles, so once Becca untangled the first knot, she had to grope for the second one before my wrists could be free. While she searched, Becca kept craning her head over her left shoulder, then over her right shoulder. She kept looking back and forth like this, causing her pony tail to gently slap me against the nape of my neck.

Becca found the second knot and quickly undid it. I felt the ropes binding my wrists slacken, then fall away as I pulled my hands apart. I freed myself of the rope which was tied around my midriff by raising my arms above my head. Once it slid up past my elbows it grew slack enough for me to grab it and pull it off.

Becca watched me intently while I removed my tape gag. Leaving my feet tied, I swung around and started untying her hands. I stopped when she emitted a muffled "uh-oh" from under her gag. She knelt with her head craned over her shoulder, staring wide-eyed at something which was behind me.

When I looked, I saw Donna and Shirley standing by the door with broad grins on their faces. "We came down to untie you guys," Shirley said, "but it looks like you're doing just fine by yourselves." She made a rolling gesture at me with her hand. "Go on, Doug. Don't let us stop you."

"Why? So you can tie us up again?" I asked.

"No," Donna said, as she shook her head solemnly. "We've had all the fun we could get tonight. Besides, it's getting late. It's after one, now."

I freed Becca's hands, then helped her pull off the rope which was wrapped around her midriff. She removed her gag while I finally untied my ankles.

"I guess me and Shirley are in big trouble, now," Donna said--not without a little titillation in her voice.

"Yep!" Becca happily confirmed, as she undid the ropes binding her ankles. "You, Shirley and Doug are in really big trouble."

"Me?!" I said with mock indignation. "What did I do?"

"I still haven't gotten revenge on you," Becca reminded me, as she helped us collect the rope from the floor. "I mean, if you hadn't have kidnapped me from my own back yard in the first place, I probably never would have been over here today. And then I wouldn't have been kidnapped by your crazy cousins. So, I don't know where, or when, but all three of you are gonna get it."

I thought these were pretty brave words, considering Becca was going to be sleeping in the same room all night with two of her future captives. But then, Becca knew--as we all did--that once a game was officially over, it was over. At least until the next one. And, of course, Becca made good on her threat that very same week, but that's another tale for another time. Thanks for reading.

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