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My First Tie up Game

By Doug R

My first bondage experience happened when I was ten years old back in 1975. That summer, my parents sent me off to my Aunt Jean's house for two weeks. My Aunt Jean had four kids: Keith 14, Donna 11, Shirley 9, and George, 5. My Uncle Steve worked all day, and my Aunt Jean would often go off on what she called errands for several hours during the day. She left the younger kids--including me--in the "care" of Keith, which was like leaving the fox in charge of the hen house.

One day, after Keith abruptly left us to fend for ourselves, we decided to go swimming in the back yard pool. But if I recall correctly, we were unable to use the pool that day because the water filter had broken. It was an extremely warm July day (with no air conditioning in the house), so we decided to just hang out in our bathing suits.

Eventually, boredom led to us playing a haphazard game where we tried to hit each other with the ends of our towels. Donna and Shirley were much better at this than I was, they had wet their towels down and were able to land some stinging shots on my bare back and chest.

I retreated to the rec room in the basement, where I pulled a length of clothesline rope from a shelf in the utility closet. Both Donna and Shirley immediately started shouting "No fair! No fair!" Before I could untangle the rope to use against them, they rushed me and grabbed it from my hands. I was then surprised when Donna, standing behind me, suddenly grabbed my arms and held them behind my back.

"Give me the rope," she said to Shirley.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Making sure you don't cause any more trouble," she said.

Then Donna bound my wrists together behind my back with the rope.

The irony of this was that I had been planning to use the rope to tie up Donna and Shirley. But to my own surprise, I did not fight this interesting turn of events. When my hands were securely bound behind my back, Donna firmly placed her hand at the nape of my neck and made me walk over to the rec room sofa, where I was forced to sit down.

Shirley then eagerly knelt before me and tied my ankles together with more clothesline rope.

As I sat there bound hand and foot, I remember saying something to the effect that my parents weren't rich, so they might as well forget about this crazy kidnapping plot.

Donna just stared at me critically, then shook her head. "Not enough," she said. She told her sister that she wanted my legs up on the sofa.

After much fumbling--and with some help from Donna and Shirley--I found myself lying on the sofa on my right side, with my back facing the girls. Then Donna knelt before me and wrapped a new length of rope vertically over the bonds of my hands. I made a joking comment about how she was never satisfied.

"He talks too much," Shirley said to Donna. "I'm gonna get a gag for him."

As Shirley ran into the laundry room to retrieve my gag, Donna bound my hands to my feet. I was effectively hog-tied.

Shirley came back with two white andkerchiefs. One was wrapped around my head in a cleave gag, while the other was used to blindfold me. The gag really wasn't sufficient enough to prevent me from talking. But I acted as if it was by keeping quiet.

I heard George say, "He can't move at all!"

There was some giggling. Then I heard Donna reply, "That's the idea, silly."

I felt my bonds being tugged at to make sure they were secure. Then Donna spoke into my ear: "We're gonna go write the ransom note, now, Doug. See you later."

I heard more giggling, followed by some whispering. I kept still until I could no longer hear them in the room. But in retrospect, I doubted they had ever left me completely alone. They were barefoot--like I was--so it would have been easy for them to move around the rec room without me hearing anything.

I struggled the best I could, but Donna had tied me pretty securely. Being completely helpless like this was a new and unusual feeling. I must have laid there like that for what felt like an hour until I suddenly heard frenzied noises--along with what sounded like panicked whispering. I automatically glanced over my shoulder, but the blindfold made that a wasted effort. Then I heard heavy footsteps on the stairs, along with George speaking excitedly.

Then I heard Keith exclaim a curse--after which he and somebody else broke into riotous laughter. It sounded like his friend Peter was with him. There was no doubt that they saw me, and I shrunk in embarrassment as I heard them come over. Keith removed my blindfold and pulled down my gag.

"A couple of girls did this to you?" he said, then he and Peter broke into more braying laughter. I never felt so embarrassed in my life. Keith stopped laughing long enough to mockingly vow vengeance for me.

Just when I thought they were going to untie me, Keith instead gestured for Peter to follow him as he stormed into the laundry room, where I heard cries, pleadings, and moans of "Oh no!" from the girls. Apparently, the girls had ran in there to hide when they heard Keith had unexpectedly returned. George, being the smart little fellow that he was, had switched sides and told his older brother what went down so he could be spared what came next.

Donna and Shirley were hauled out of the laundry room by Keith and Peter. Keith made a grand show at asking the girls if they had tied me up.

"Yes," Donna said defiantly. Both she and Shirley couldn't hide their big smiles. "We kidnapped him for a ransom. So what are you going to do about it?"

Keith answer to that was simple. He turned towards the utility closet, where he got the remaining bits and pieces of clothesline. Then I watched in amazement as the older boys proceeded to bind Donna's and Shirley's hands behind their backs. I should mention that the sofa in the rec room was one of these large, L-shaped designs that sat in a corner. Donna was made to lay down next to me, where Keith tied her feet together at the ankles--then bound them to her hands in a hog-tie fashion. Shirley laid on the other side of the sofa, where she was also hog-tied by Peter.

Donna and I laid facing each other--our faces were pressed against the cushions--and by this time, I had a big smile of my own. "How does it feel?" I asked.

In spite of herself, she started giggling. "Don't you dare say anything!"

"He won't," Keith said, as he pulled my gag up over my mouth again.

"Hey!" I cried through the gag (I had dropped all pretense that it actually worked).

"What are you doing?"

Keith explained that I deserved to remain tied for letting a couple of girls get the better of me. He took my blindfold and used it to cleave gag Donna, while George helpfully got another handkerchief from the laundry room for Peter to gag Shirley with.

Keith went around to Shirley, Donna, and me to check our bonds. Once Keith was satisfied that the girls and I weren't going anywhere, he ushered Peter and George out, then turned off the rec room lights and shut the door behind him. As I glanced around the darkened rec room with Donna and Shirley writhing against their bonds, I realized that for the first time that day, I really felt as if I had been kidnapped.

It didn't seem to be very long before Keith returned to the basement rec room. "Mom's home," he casually announced. He freed me, then untied Donna and Shirley.

As we later walked up the basement steps, Donna grabbed my arm. "Don't tell my mom anything about this," she whispered into my ear.

I had no problems with that. I was actually afraid that either Keith or George was going to tell my aunt about me getting tied up by Donna and Shirley. But nobody said a word about our little escapade in the rec room. I savored the memories as we all settled back into the normal course of events for the rest of that day. Yet little did I know then that while this may have been my first experience with real life bondage, it certainly wasn't my last. My next experience would occur later that very same week, when Donna and Shirley decided to really "kidnap" me . But that's another story for another time.

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