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My True Tie-Up Stories

This is a collection of my real life stories.

These are my true childhood tie-up stories, which began when I was "roped" into my first childhood game by my cousins when I was ten years old. Certain names have been changed to preserve the privacy of those mentioned.

It should also be noted that the publication of these stories on this site is for entertainment purposes only for like-minded adults. Readers should not attempt to duplicate the situations they read here. We were just a bunch of crazy kids who were extremely lucky in more ways than I can imagine. I do not condone, nor encourage, the playing of tie up games by minors under the age of 18.


My First Tie Up Game

The Playhouse

Hide And Seek

Becca's Turn



Becca's Big Day

The Fold-Out Bed From Hell

Becca's Abduction

The Midnight Capture Of Becca And Doug

Karen's Turn

A Force Of Nature

Karen Strikes Again

Last Call For '76



The Lake Monster

Shirley's Fit To Be Tied

Donna and Doug's Big Adventure

Darth Becca

Bonding With Karen


Becca Of Boggy Creek

Karen, The Mad Abductor!

Later, That Same Day....

Becca & Doug: Junior Detectives

Tickle Torture Terror

Shirley Strikes!

More Fun At Becca's

A Night Of Bondage

Lori's Turn

Letting It All Hang Out

Bound By Becca!

My Night With The Neighbors



Ticki Wicki Woo

Tyler, The Pirate

Fit To Be Tied

A Bad Day To Be A Boy

Becca Meets The Lake Monster

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing Part Two

Gone Fishing Part Three

The Abduction Of "Tarzan Jr. Part One

The Abduction Of "Tarzan Jr. Part Two

The Treasure Hunters: Part One

The Treasure Hunters: Part Two

The Treasure Hunters: Part Three

The Halloween Sleepover

My Poser Artwork

More of My Poser Artwork

Bimini Code caps