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Shirley's Fit To Be Tied

By Doug R

During the early summer of 1977, my cousins Donna (13), Shirley (11), and George (7) spent a week at my lakeside house. For the most part, it was a week spent swimming, seeing Star Wars as many times as we could, and playing bondage games. My cousins first introduced me to their tie up games when I was ten, and ever since then, I was an enthusiastic player (of course, I was into bondage long before playing these games).

The initial bondage game that week had started as a lark. Donna had went out shopping with my mother, leaving me, Shirley and George to hang out on the narrow dock which stretched out from the boathouse. One of my friends, a twelve year old boy who we'll call Scott, came over to lounge around with us.

When my cousins visited me during the Easter vacation, I had teased them about how a lake monster was known to swim in the murky depths. Both Shirley and George eagerly asked Scott about this, and he quickly backed me up. Scott even went so far to say that we shouldn't let our feet dangle over the dock, because they might get bitten off.

While George quickly pulled his legs up to his chest, Shirley scoffed at us, saying that when I tied her and Donna up to feed us to the monster last time, nothing happened (see my last post in the June Part 2 archives for details). I quickly explained that had she and Donna been tied up closer to the water, the monster would have nibbled on them.

With a knowing smile on her face, Shirley slowly got to her feet and asked me if I wanted to try it again. She was barefoot, clad in a tank top and shorts.

Never one to turn down a challenge--especially one that involved bondage--I stood up and accepted. I had originally planned to tie her up right there on the dock, but Shirley balked that the dock was too exposed (and she was right), so we moved this show into the boathouse. My parents had often talked about how they were going to buy a "real boat" to go with our boathouse--however, the only vessel we had was a modest rowboat that I had christened The Enterprise, after the starship from Star Trek. We never used the boathouse for anything but storage (we kept the Enterprise moored within easy reach to the dock which stretched out from the boathouse).

I had decided to bind Shirley on an old chaise lounge chair that my mother had stored away in the boathouse. While Scott and George watched in fascination, I took some trusty rope down from the shelf and used it to bind Shirley's wrists together in front of her. Then, I asked her to sit down in the middle of the lounge chair. When she did, I tied her bare feet together at the ankles.

Just as I finished binding Shirley's ankles, my next door neighbor Lynn dropped by with her friend Mona (both age 11). Lynn and Mona had hit it off with Shirley from the first day they met, and they hung out together like a female version of the three musketeers.

Once they entered the boathouse, both Lynn and Mona stopped short and stared at Shirley as she cheerfully waved to them with her bound hands. While Lynn made a disgusted face (I've had played some bondage games with Lynn in the past--see my post in the June Pt One archive--and she never acquired a taste for playing more of them), Mona, on the other hand, blurted out, "Oh! Can I play, too?"

"Sure," I said, taken aback. I filled Mona in about the basic game: that there was a very hungry lake monster lurking about and that I was binding Shirley to be its lunch. Mona pointed to the chaise lounge chair that Shirley sat on. "You tying us up here?"

"Yes," I said, trying very hard not to show the sheer joy and rapture which flowed through me at that moment. I always enjoyed playing bondage games with my cousins, but having Mona join us was a nice bonus. I noticed that Scott looked pleased, and George was simply beside himself with pleasure.

At this point, Mona turned to Lynn and said, "C'mon!"

To which Lynn merely folded her arms in front of her and shook her head 'no' resolutely.

"The monster'll enjoy having more to eat," Mona cheerfully said. When Lynn shook her head yet again--throwing in another disgusted look for good measure--Mona shrugged, then sat down on the chaise lounge next to Shirley and held her hands out before her to be tied.

I decided to bind Mona the same way I had tied Shirley; I tied her wrists together in front of her, then bound her ankles together. I was originally going to bind Shirley down to the chaise lounge with her wrist and ankles fastened to the opposite ends. But with Mona enthusiastically throwing in as she had done, I made a quick change of plans. I folded the ends of the lounge chair so that it was as flat as the deck of an aircraft carrier. Then I asked the girls to sit back to back, with their feet pointing in the opposite ends of the chair. Mona giggled as she tried to remove her sneakers before putting her feet up on the cushions, but her bound limbs made this action a bit awkward.

I reached down and pulled off her sneakers for her, and then helped Mona to get into the position I wanted. She was now barefoot, like the rest of us, and I had to refrain from the temptation to tickle her soles (I guess Becca's influence remains strong, even when she's not involved in a game!).

Once Shirley and Mona sat back to back on the lounge chair, I got another, longer length of rope and tied it around the girls' waists, over their elbows. This had the double effect of fastening them together, as well as keeping their arms pinned down to their sides.

After I was done tying this off, I glanced at George and asked, "What do you think?"

"Tie their knees," he muttered, with the experienced air of an old bondage pro. I'll never forget the shocked, sideways glanced Lynn gave him just then, as if the thought had just occurred to her that this little seven year old might be more dangerous than he appeared.

I cut a strand of rope in half, then tied one piece around Shirley's knees, then tied Mona's knees with the other. I stood back and regarded my captives with a satisfied air. They were quite a contrast: Shirley wore shorts and a tank top, while Mona was clad in a one piece terry cloth outfit.

"You finally done?" Shirley asked, giving me an impatient look.

"Why? You want more?" I replied.

I was only joking, but Mona glanced up at me and said, "Maybe you could tie our ankles down to the ends of the lounge chair?"

Now it was my turn to stare at Mona as if she might be more dangerous than she appeared. Scott burst into laughter.

"What?" Mona said, frowning. "What's so funny? Hey, Shirl and me are gonna tie you guys up later, right?"

"You have to get yourself free, first," I told her.

"So, what happens now?" Lynn impatiently asked. "We keep them there until the lake monster shows up," I replied. I explained that since there was no boat currently moored inside the boathouse, there was plenty of room for the lake monster to pop his head out of the water and snatch them. Lynn just rolled her eyes in disbelief at this.

"But how long are you gonna keep them tied up?" Lynn wanted to know.

"Usually for a half an hour," George helpfully replied. "Unless they get themselves free before that. Then they can come after us and tie us up." George then gave me a broad, knowing grin.

Lynn actually took an involuntary step away from George. He was blissfully oblivious to her anxious stares.

Lynn, Scott, George and I watched for the next several minutes as Shirley and Mona struggled furiously to free themselves. Shirley, being an old pro at this, already had an escape plan in effect. Instead of simply tugging at the bonds, like Mona did, Shirley slowly raised her bound hands up in front of her face. She did this in an effort to pull up the rope I tied around her and Mona's waists. But Mona's constant struggling thwarted her efforts. It was a pretty funny scene, and soon, we were all laughing hysterically, making Shirley and Mona glare at us.

"Do you mind?" Shirley asked, looking really pissed.

I shepherded everybody outside to give the girls some privacy for their escape attempt. However, we still watched through the window. Shirley must have spent several frustrating minutes just explaining the escape plan to Mona. When Mona finally got it, they both pressed their backs against each other as tight as they could go, then they raised their bound hands above their heads, which effectively pulled the rope up and off of their torsos.

"Shouldn't we go in and stop them?" Scott asked when we saw Shirley reaching over to untie Mona's wrists.

"We really have to get going," Lynn said, sounding annoyed. Lynn explained that she and Mona were making a trip to the store and had originally stopped by to see if Shirley wanted to go, too. But this was before Mona decided to join our "bound and gagged ranks" by diving head first into my little bondage game.

We went back inside just as Mona was bent over, pulling the ropes off of her ankles while Shirley sat there with an irked look on her face. Her wrists and ankles were still tied, and she was obviously waiting for Mona to free her.

Mona actually started to get up until Shirley gave a loud "AHEM!"

To which Mona simply gestured at me and said, "Doug's here, he can untie you."

"Now that you've had your fun, can we get going?" Lynn asked Mona. She then proceeded to explain where they were going to Shirley and asked if she was interested in joining them.

Shirley quickly agreed to join Lynn and Mona on their shopping spree. Then she held up her bound hands and added, "But could somebody PLEASE untie me, first?"

Mona was about to put her sneakers back on, until she stopped. Turning to Lynn, she said, "I feel like going barefoot. You wanna go barefoot? The store would still let us in, right?"

"Depends on what store you're going to," Scott said seriously.

This began an earnest conversation about going barefoot in the various stores along the lake shore. Each of us shared our experiences about which store would give you the most trouble (usually it was the food stores; yet I've always noticed that they would wait until after you've bought something before chastising you for not wearing shoes).

Throughout this conversation, Shirley sat with her wrists and ankles still tied, and a really bored expression on her face as she stared off into space. "Maybe I'll just go like this," she finally said, holding up her bound wrists. "I can hop! Hopping's fun!" We continued to tease Shirley by pretending to ignore her. Even Lynn dropped her restless mood and got in on the joke by cheerfully asking Mona if she had ever been to the new strip mall on the highway.

I couldn't help but burst into laughter when I glanced at Shirley. In a fit of frustration, she had jokingly started biting at the ropes binding her wrists. When I went over to untie her wrists, Shirley then made a motion that she was going to bite my hands until I wagged my finger at her. Once I got my cousin untied, she promptly left with Mona and Lynn.

But not without a promise.

"I'm definitely gonna get you back for that," Shirley said in her best ominous tone. "Next game, I'm the captor, and you'll be in big trouble!"

I simply shrugged at her and said, "Hit me with your best shot."

Mona and Shirley whispered to each other conspiratorially as they walked out of my back yard. Lynn strode beside them with this "they're-all-crazy!" look on her face.

One last thing: when Donna returned home with my mother later, she became despondent when she found out from George that we had played a bondage game without her. I said that in the next one, I will be the captive, and had invited her to join me (captives prefer the company of other captives). Donna immediately agreed. When I told her that our captors would be Shirley, probably assisted by Mona--with Lynn no doubt glaring on sternly--Donna laughed and said, "Oh, we'll get free in no time!"

Yeah, right! Famous last words. If either Donna or I had known what was in store for us.... Oboy. But, that will be my next post. I'll put that one up soon. As always, thanks for reading.

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