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Tickle Torture Terror

By Doug R

Back in 1977, when I was twelve years old, I spent three weeks during the summer at my Aunt Jean's house. I played tie up games with my cousins Donna (13) Shirley (11) and George (7; who mainly watched). We also "roped" the neighboring kids Becca (14), her brother Jim (12) and Karen (13) into our games.

It was the Tuesday of the second week of my stay, and we were all over at Becca's house, swimming in her pool. We had taken a break from swimming to enjoy lunch that was served by Becca's mom. We sat eating around the patio table. I had gone inside the house to throw away my paper plate and cup in the kitchen. When I turned around, I saw Becca standing in the doorway.

Without saying a word, she grabbed my wrist and led me downstairs to the basement. Normally, whenever Becca did something like this to me, I would wind up getting bound and gagged. However, once we were in the basement, Becca turned to me and said, "How would you like to get some revenge?"

Last week, Becca and I suffered a major tie up game at the hands of Karen (see my Junior Detectives story for details). We never had gotten revenge on Karen (and Donna, who ratted us out; as well as Shirley, who tickled us when we were bound) until now because something always came up. But now, with Becca's mom having just left to visit with my Aunt Jean, and all of us now prohibited from doing anymore swimming since she wasn't home, it was the perfect time for us to strike back.

George came downstairs as we gathered various ropes and tape. He saw Becca grab me in the kitchen and had assumed that I would be all tied up. Becca put her arm over his bare shoulders and drew him close. "Would you like to help Doug and me capture everybody?" she asked.

George nodded his head yes in excitement. Becca told him to go upstairs and cause as much of a ruckus as he could to get the others' attention. Becca instructed him to say that she had me down here trussed up like a turkey and she was not showing any mercy. George dutifully ran back upstairs and started carrying on like the natural born ham that he was. Becca and I listened as he made my plight out to be worse than even we could possibly imagine. At first, I thought he was overdoing it, but when we heard our first victim descend the steps, we quickly got into position for the ambush.

It was Karen. Barefoot, she was clad in a two-piece bathing suit. Her long black hair was wet and slicked back from swimming. When she saw me point the water pistol at her, Karen immediately raised her hands in surrender. I gagged her with a piece of tape, and then bound her wrists together behind her back with the rope.

We could still hear George upstairs, spinning his wild tales of my imagined torture. Finally, the rest of our victims came down en mass. However, Donna, Shirley and Jim all came to an abrupt halt once they saw Becca pointing a water pistol at them and me binding Karen's wrists.

This made Shirley turn towards the steps and angrily shout "George!" I was amazed at how she actually made his name sound like a curse word.

Becca and I got busy. I left Karen sitting cross-legged on the sofa with her hands tied so I could help Becca bind our other captives. We decided it would be best if our captives were tied up separately. Becca had escorted Donna and Shirley into the mini guest bedroom. It used to be a former storage room that had been re-paneled, with a small bed installed. We were tied up here often. I was left with Jim.

Jim was shirtless and barefoot, clad only in a bathing suit, just like I was. I waved my water pistol at him and he started walking down the hallway to the laundry room. Once there, I made him lay face down on the rug by the washer. When he laid down, I tied his hands behind his back with rope and gagged his mouth with tape. Then I bound his ankles together with more rope, and hogtied them to his wrists. He let out a weary groan when I did this, but I made sure to give him enough slack between his wrists and ankles so that it wouldn't be too uncomfortable for him.

I stood up and examined the bonds on my captive. As the old saying went, Jim wasn't going anywhere. I was startled to hear George urgently shouting my name and Becca's, and when I ran out to the rec room, I just caught a glimpse of Karen as she darted up the steps. It was at this point that I remembered how I forgot to bind her ankles.

"She's getting away!" George screamed shrilly, as he hopped up and down.

"Then let's get her!" I said, as we both bolted for the steps.

I saw Karen at the top of the stairs. She stood desperately trying to open the side door with her hands still bound behind her back. When she saw us coming at her, Karen let out a little scream under her gag and ran into the kitchen.

I followed her into the kitchen, where something interesting happened. Karen later said that she merely stumbled (a view which she still holds to today--but with tongue planted firmly in cheek, I might add). But from my perspective, as I gave chase to her in the kitchen, Karen abruptly stopped, turned towards me, and then her legs buckled from underneath her and she fell into my arms. I was so caught off guard by this that I collapsed to the floor with her.

We weren't hurt. Karen let out a giggle under her gag as we wound up kneeling together on the floor with her in my embrace. "I got you!" I said, with all the deviousness I could muster. "Come on!"

I helped her back up to her feet and escorted her back downstairs with George leading the way. Becca was waiting for me downstairs with her hands on her hips and a disgusted look on her face. Like Karen, Becca also wore a two-piece bathing suit.

"This is why we tie their feet, Doug," she said in an overly patronizing manner, as if speaking to a low-grade moron. "So they won't run away from us. All right?"

Not having a witty remark to reply with, I said this: "Bleeccch!"

Karen started giggling again and even George burst out in laughter. Becca only stared at me, then rolled her eyes at the ceiling. She muttered something under her breath as she stormed back into the bedroom. I never heard what it was, and perhaps that was just as well.

I went about the business of making sure Karen didn't go running off again. I had her sit on the sofa, where I knelt down before her legs, and she obediently presented her feet for tying. I bound her ankles together with rope, and then double tied them again with another vertical strand over the original bond. Just to be certain, I also tied her knees together, as well.

When I got up, I deliberately loomed over Karen, which made her let out a little squeal under her gag. She gazed wide-eyed up at me as she quickly lay back on the sofa and pulled her bound legs up onto the cushion.

I had to admit that I was feeling a little devilish, so I ran my hands barely an inch over her bare legs, wiggling my fingers as if I were tickling her. But I never actually touched her. This produced the desired effect in that Karen writhed and squirmed around under my hovering hands as if she had been tickled. She kept making these little squeals of mock fear under her gag.

"How much do ya think we'll get for this one?" I asked George, in my best kidnapper's growl.

"A million," George said coolly.

Karen stared with wide eyes at the wall, the ceiling, across the room--everywhere but at us. She avoided eye contact with me until I leaned close to her and asked, "Do you think you're worth a million bucks, kid?"

I never got an answer, because at that moment, Becca barged in and screamed, "WHERE'S JIM?! DON'T TELL ME YOU FORGOT TO TIE HIS FEET, TOO!"

I'll never forget the angry look that Karen gave Becca at that moment. The image of Karen, sitting there bound hand and foot, with her hair plastered back against her head, mouth gagged with several strips of tape, and a really ticked off look in her eyes was burned forever in my memory.

I led Becca to the laundry room, where we were both relieved to see Jim still lying hog-tied on the rug. He appeared to be trying to roll his bound body over on one side by arching his back and rocking back and forth as best he could. It didn't seem to be a very practical maneuver; in fact I thought it looked a little silly. But I knew from experience that once bound, a captive tried any method to escape, no matter how goofy it might look.

When Jim noticed us, he ceased his struggles and lay his head down on the rug. Becca explained that she thought I tied her brother up in the storage room at the far end of the hall. So when she didn't see him in there, she assumed Jim had already escaped. This was about as close to an apology that I was going to get from Becca.

When Becca left us, I went into the laundry room to recheck Jim's bonds. As I tugged on the rope that hogtied his wrists to his ankles, I saw that Jim gave me this sideways glance out of the corner of his eye that said, "You're gonna be sorry you did this!"

George and I left Jim alone in the laundry room. I wanted to see how Becca had tied up Donna and Shirley, but not before I checked on Karen, first. I peeked into the rec room and saw Karen struggling for all she was worth. She rolled around so much on the sofa; it almost felt like watching a one person-wrestling match. Although she wasn't hog-tied, Karen had her body arched back as if she were. I realized that Karen had been trying to reach the ropes on her ankles with her bound hands. I guess she figured if she could untie her feet, she could go for a little walk again.

I cleared my throat sharply, and that put an end to her escape attempt. Karen straightened out on the sofa and gave me an overly exaggerated look of innocence by fluttering her eyes at me, as if saying "Who, me?"

I went into the bedroom to see what Becca was doing with Donna and Shirley. Becca had bound the sisters together on the single bed. Both girls were barefoot, clad in one-piece bathing suits, with their wet hair also plastered back against their heads. They lay with their wrists tied above their heads to the headboard. Since there was no foot posts, Becca secured their ankles--with each girl's ankles tied together, first--to a single length of rope that was tied to the metal frame under the bed. This created a wonderful sight: four bare feet bound together in a mass of wiggling toes and squirming soles.

I stood at the foot of the bed, and gave Shirley a nasty grin. I reminded her of the last time I was tied up and helpless, and she came over and mercilessly tickled me. Shirley's eyes grew very wide over her gag, and she let out a muffled cry, as I wiggled my fingers up the bare soles of her feet.

"Let's not forget Donna, who ratted us out to Karen in the first place," Becca said. With that, Becca started tickling Donna's sides. Donna tried to lay there with a stoic expression in her eyes. But when I tickled her feet, in addition to Becca tickling her sides, she finally broke up into laughter.

I glanced over my shoulder to see how George was enjoying this. But George wasn't there.


I left the bedroom and ran into the rec room just in time to see George kneeling over Karen on the sofa. He had his hand over her bound wrists, and when he saw me, George's eyes grew very wide. He jumped off the sofa and muttered something about checking Karen's bonds.

"Yeah, I'll bet," I said sarcastically. I went over and re-checked Karen's bonds. She lay face down, and the ropes on her wrists seemed a little loose to me, so I re-tied the knot. I then checked the bonds on her legs, and they appeared secure. When I saw her bound bare feet, I just couldn't help myself. I gave Karen's soles a tickle. She let out an indignant, if muffled, grunt from under her gag. I grabbed her ankles with one hand and continued tickling her feet with the other. Karen whooped and screamed so much; she nearly rolled off the side of the sofa until I pushed her back.

Becca came in and tickled Karen's feet, and I switched to tickling her sides. By this time, Karen lay there with her bound legs drawn up to her chest as she stared up at me with this dazed, wide-eyed look that bordered on psychotic.

I decided to take a break--actually, I had decided to give poor Karen a break before she totally lost what little sanity she had left. But Becca continued her tickle torture. Leaving Karen at Becca's mercy, I went down the hall to check on our other captives.

Donna and Shirley were giving the bed a run for its money as they struggled mightily to get free. To this day, I wish I had an audio tape of the various grunts and groans they made while struggling. Yet as hard as they tried, the sisters were too securely tied down. So I left them and went further down the hallway to the laundry room. I opened the door, wondering what weird position I was going to find Jim in this time, when the smile abruptly faded from my face.

Instead of a hog-tied Jim, all I saw on the rug now were the ropes that bound him. Jim was gone!

I took several steps into the laundry room, and when I did, the door shut behind me and Jim jumped out with a water pistol pointed right at my left temple. "Gotcha!" he said smugly.

How the mighty have fallen. When I raised my hands in surrender, Jim ordered me over to the rug. Once I lay face down on the rug, Jim bound my hands together at the wrist behind my back. My ankles were also tied together, and then I was hog-tied. What really hurt was the fact that Jim had bound me with the very same ropes I'd used on him earlier. At least he had the decency not to stick the same tape gag on my mouth. I was gagged with a clean handkerchief (at least I hoped it was clean!).

After double-checking my knots, and giving me another smug smile (which was pretty much the same thing I had done to him, earlier), Jim left me alone in the laundry room. I tested my bonds, but found them to be very secure. Jim may not have been as prolific a player as his older sister, but when he did get involved in our tie up games, he proved to be an excellent knot maker. All I could do was just lie there and hope that Becca could get the drop on her brother before she wound up like me.

I had found out later that back when I realized that George was no longer standing behind us in the bedroom, I was wrong; George had never entered the bedroom at all. When I went into the bedroom to tickle Donna and Shirley, George actually shot past me and ran down the hall to untie Jim's hands. At the moment when it occurred to me that George wasn't in the bedroom, he had already shot past the doorway again and was in the rec room, pulling at Karen's knots. I felt foolish, because just when I thought I had foiled an escape attempt, Jim had been untying himself in the laundry room all along.

The battle outside was soon joined. I could hear shrieks of terror mixed with laughter, then I heard Becca boldly say, "You're not taking me alive!"

To which Jim replied, "Fine!"

This was followed by more shrieks and shouts. It sounded like somebody was being murdered--probably Becca--and I was glad not to be a part of it.

While this madness was going on, Karen entered the room and knelt down next to me. With a slight smile on her face, she very lightly tickled the soles of my bound bare feet. Then I flinched when she ran her wiggling fingers up my bare back. I completely lost it when Karen started tickling my sides, while saying "Coochie Coochie Coo!" right into my ear.

Becca, Jim, Donna Shirley and George all ran into the laundry room at that point. I was surprised to see that Becca wasn't tied. Then I found out why when Jim said, "Mom's back."

Shirley hunched down over me with a really devious look on her face. But before she could tickle me, Karen blocked her.

"The game's over," Karen said. "Leave him alone."

This made everybody go "Ooooooo!" all at once, and Karen turned a shade of red that would make a lobster proud. Yet despite her obvious embarrassment, she would not move from me.

So the gang did the only thing they could do...they tied her up. Becca and Donna each gave the other a nasty grin as they grabbed Karen and wrestled her to the floor. While they held Karen's hands behind her back, Jim bound them together at the wrist with rope that George had brought in.

Karen gave me a sardonic "what-are-ya-gonna-do?" look as her legs were tied together at the ankles and knees. She was even gagged with another handkerchief from the wash. Jim appeared as if he was going to hog-tie Karen, but that idea was dropped when Shirley came over to me and started tickling my feet. Pretty soon, Becca and Jim were tickling Karen, while Donna came over and helped her sister to tickle me.

This tickling frenzy lasted for only a few seconds. Becca and Jim’s mom, who started calling their names throughout the house, saved Karen and me from a fate worse than death.

"We'll leave these two lovebirds alone," Becca said, as she retreated from the laundry room with the others. "You two behave!"

Once Becca shut the door behind her, both Karen and I let out sighs of relief over our gags. Karen lay face down next to me on the rug, and she rolled her eyes and shook her head at me, as if to say, "You believe this?"

We heard the crowd chattering outside. I found out later that Becca's mom actually asked where Karen and I were, and Becca replied that we both left early! Soon, we could hear the others splashing around in the pool again. The fiends!

While I couldn't move around too much, thanks to the hog tie I was bound in, Karen took advantage of the fact that she wasn't hog-tied by writhing about until she sat up next to me. Then she wiggled and waggled herself so that she sat with her bound hands facing mine.

I could still only lie there helplessly while Karen tugged delicately at my knots. She gave me a little wink as she glanced over her bare shoulder. I winked back. Karen finally picked the hog-tie knot loose, and I gratefully lowered my bound feet to the floor. But she did not stop to celebrate. Karen grabbed my tied wrists and started tugging at the knot that bound them. Soon, I could feel the rope grow slack, and then I was able to pull my hands free.

I sat up and pulled my gag off. Then I pulled Karen's gag off and started untying her wrists. Once her hands were free, we each got busy untying our legs.

Now completely free, Karen and I went to the door and opened it. George was in the hallway. He was just about to enter the laundry room just as I pulled the door open on him. When he saw we were free, he smiled.

"We you gonna untie us?" I asked. When he nodded, I gave him a little hug. He might have been a little booger whose loyalties shifted in whatever direction the wind blew, but George redeemed himself in my eyes.

He joined us as Karen and I crept slowly up the steps. Karen grabbed my hand and held it tightly as I peeked into the kitchen for any sign of our captors. For once, I didn’t mind, for I pretended that we were Jonny Quest and his girlfriend escaping the bad guy's lair. (Although Jonny didn't have a girlfriend back on his original sixties show, I wasn't about to leave Karen out of my little fantasy) Running around like this was almost as much fun as being tied up. There were no evil minions lurking in the kitchen, so we snuck out the side door of the house. A glance in the back yard showed us that everybody was in the pool, even Becca’s mother.

So we ran for it. It wasn't until we were on the sidewalk, with my Aunt Jean's house in sight, that George, who walked behind us, started giggling.

“You were holding hands!” he exclaimed. “Becca was right, you're boyfriend and girlfriend!"

Karen and I exchanged an annoyed look, and then we promptly attacked George. We both tickled his bare belly and chest mercilessly until he ran laughing hysterically into my Aunt Jean's house. Life was good.

More tie-up weirdness next month. As always, thanks for reading.

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