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Bound By Becca!

By Doug R

During the summer of 1977, when I was twelve years old, I spent three weeks at my Aunt Jean's house. I played tie up games with my cousins Donna (13), Shirley (11), and George (7; who mainly watched). We also roped in the neighboring kids Becca (14), her brother Jim (12) and Karen (13), the little girl who lives down the street.

On Thursday of the final week of my stay, we played a bondage game that sort of degenerated into silliness (see my last story), but it was still fun, as always. Karen and I began the game as captors who abducted Becca and her brother Jim. Becca swore she would get back at us, and it didn't take her very long to do so. That evening, Karen ate dinner with us at my Aunt Jean's house. Since we were all planning to go for a early evening swim later, we had changed into our swim suits, which we wore during dinner. However, my Aunt Jean forbade us to go swimming immediately after we ate, so we had to wait before our swim.

Karen was barefoot, and wore only a T-shirt that covered her two-piece bathing suit--an outfit which I thought was pretty provocative, because since the hem of the shirt came down to her thigh, it appeared as if she forgot to put her pants on. I vividly recall watching Karen with rapt attention as she helped my Aunt Jean and Donna clean off the table, and how she would give me a little shy smile every now and then. I was shirtless and barefoot, clad only in my swim suit.

After the basic meal clean-up was done, Karen and I went outside, while Donna, Shirley and George were embroiled in yet more chores that was doled out to them by my aunt. Karen and I hung out on the back porch and chatted until Becca strode into the back yard. Barefoot, Becca wore a short-sleeved blouse with cut off denim shorts. She carried a wrinkled paper bag in her hands. When she saw us, she reached into the bag and pulled out a water pistol and pointed it at us.

"What do you want?" I jokingly asked her--even though I knew full well what she was after.

"Revenge," Becca said simply. "The both of you had better come with me, now."

All thoughts of going swimming vanished as Karen gave me an excited look, and we both stood and held our hands up. Becca ordered us to kneel on the grass side by side with our backs facing her. When we did this, she bent down behind us and bound my wrists together behind my back with a strand of clothesline rope that she fetched from her bag. Then she tied Karen's wrists behind her back with more rope. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw my Aunt Jean casually walk past the sliding door. Karen even whispered, "Oh no," under her breath. But Aunt Jean never noticed us.

After gagging each of us with tape, Becca then blindfolded us with handkerchiefs. Just when I was beginning to wonder if she was simply going to leave us bound and gagged on the grass, I felt Becca's hand grab my arm and help me to my feet. An excited chill ran up my spine when I realized that Karen and I would be led bound, gagged and blindfolded through the street over to her house. Thankfully, Becca was practically right next door to my Aunt Jean's.

Getting "kidnapped" while blindfolded like this can greatly enhance the experience for the captive. Not being able to see what was happening to you made it all that more exciting...and a little scary, as well. I had no choice but to "feel" my way through this abduction. As Becca walked us out of the backyard, I could feel the ground beneath my feet change from grass, to the smooth asphalt of the driveway, to the concrete of the sidewalk.

There was a funny moment (well, in retrospect, it's funny) when Becca abruptly said, "Wow, look at all of those people staring at us! Hi! How are you guys doing? Do you like my captives? This is Doug and this is Karen. They enjoy this kind of stuff. Really, they do!"

I let out a nervous chuckle under my gag while I heard Karen beside me let out a frightened--and muffled--little screech. Inwardly, I cringed at the thought of somebody outside of our little group bearing witness to me in bondage, but a part of me was a little thrilled, as well. After all, what could I do about it, anyway? Becca said later that there was actually nobody watching us, she simply made it up to get a rise from us. But Karen wasn't sure if Becca was telling the truth--because Karen said she was sure she heard people talking.

In any event, I soon felt the ground under my bare feet change from the concrete of the sidewalk to the smooth asphalt of a driveway--Becca's driveway, I had assumed. Then that changed to the cool feeling of floor tiles as I was led indoors. Becca's hand was on my arm the entire way, and she gave me a sharp tug to make me stop. While I stood there, I heard her say, "Turn this, wait...."

I let out a laugh under my gag when I felt a bare foot step on my own. Karen let out a muffled giggle right next to me. My laughter was cut short when Becca abruptly grabbed the back of my neck with her hand. The little squeal Karen let out next to me told me that Becca also grabbed her by the neck, as well.

"Ok," Becca whispered. "There's a step right in front of you. Step down now. Another step. Another step...." And so Becca led us down the basement steps of her home, with Karen and I in front of her. When we reached the bottom, Becca told us to walk ahead--

--and Karen and I promptly walked straight into a closed door. Both Karen and I let out these low, angry groans under our gags.

"Whoops! Sorry!" Becca said with a giggle. "I forgot the door was shut."

Oh, yeah...right!

After she opened the door for us, Becca pushed Karen and me forward. The cool tiled surface of the steps was replaced by the threadbare carpeting of the rec room. But Becca kept pushing, and the floor's surface changed from carpeting to more cool, hard floor tile. This was where I was brought to a stop. Once I was made to lie face down on a soft surface, I realized that Becca led us into the spare bedroom they had in the basement. I heard Karen let out a grunt as she laid down next to me. Then, Becca crossed my ankles over one another and bound them together using the same type of rope that bound my wrists. When my legs were bound to her liking, I heard Becca tie up Karen's ankles.

"Okey-dokey," Becca said with a heavy sigh of satisfaction.

I laid there for several minutes, bracing myself for the tickle attack that would surely come. But when nothing happened, I decided to risk a peek. Since I lay with the side of my head pressed into the mattress, I rubbed my face against the bed until I brushed the blindfold up over my eyes. The blindfold was still wrapped around my head like a bandanna, but at least I could see. I immediately saw Karen lying on her stomach next to me. Her face was turned towards me, and her pretty brown eyes were still covered with the blindfold, and the lower half of her face was covered with tape. Her long black hair was pulled back into a pony tail. I rolled over on my side and saw that she was indeed, bound in the same fashion that I was: her wrists tied behind her back, and bare feet tied together at the ankles.

Becca had left us alone and shut the door, leaving us in darkness. A favorite bondage fantasy sprung to my mind: Jonny Quest (me) and Nancy Drew (that was Karen) trussed up in the bad guy's lair! Since there were no girls in the Jonny Quest cartoon (at least the 1960s version), I had to make up a character for Karen to play, and since she was an avid reader of Nancy Drew, that was that.

Since I had cast myself as Jonny Quest, it was time for me to do something heroic. I rolled my body over so that my bound hands faced Karen. I then writhed and squirmed around until my fingers were within reach of the rope that bound Karen's wrists. The problem was that my hand accidentally brushed up against her, which caused Karen to let out this hysterically funny, high-pitched "wooooo!" under her gag as she began to flail around on the bed like a seal out of water.

I didn't mean to do this, because now that Karen was writhing crazily around next to me, it made it pretty hard for me to reach her ropes. I could only hold on as best I could and hope she didn't kick me off the bed as I waited for her to calm down. Although, I had to admit, it was kind of fun to watch.

When she finally settled down, Karen wound up lying on her side, pressed up against the wall, as far as she could get away from me. She was also making these weird giggling noises which creeped me out slightly. I braced myself, and writhed over until I lay with my back facing her. I craned my head over my bare shoulder and reached out with my bound hands for Karen's.

The moment my hand touched hers, Karen started freaking out again. I actually pressed up against her and grabbed her hands firmly, yelling, "It's me! It's just me!" The stupid tape gag muffled my words, but Karen could still understand that it was me, and calmed down enough for me to finally start pulling her bonds loose.

Once her hands were free, Karen sat up, pulled off her gag and blindfold, and stared around the room with wide, fearful eyes. Ignoring her ankles, which were still tied, she pulled off my gag and asked, "Where is she? Where's Becca?"

"She left; it's just us," I replied.

Karen's eyes grew even wider. "If Becca left, then who tickled me? You!"

I tried to explain that I didn't mean to tickle Karen, but it was too late. The fact that I laid before her, bound hand and foot and completely helpless, was just too good for her to ignore. And so Karen gave me a brutal, merciless tickling--all while she had this impish smile on her face. My whole Jonny Quest/Nancy Drew bondage fantasy was completely shattered while I giggled and pleaded for her to stop. I tried to pull my bound legs up to protect my vulnerable chest, but Karen held them down with one hand while tickling my bare belly with the other.

The door flew open and Becca re-entered with this stunned and totally pissed expression on her face. Karen paused long enough to stare at her and say "Hi!" with a wave of her hand. She appeared as casual as possible for somebody who sat there with a blindfold hanging around her neck and her ankles still tied. Becca was really ticked off, because our wild screams alerted her parents to our presence in the house. That meant that Karen and I had to be completely untied, and then go upstairs to assure Becca's mom and dad that we weren't both being killed in the basement rec room.

After our "cherubic suburban angels" routine was done, Karen and I started for the side door, with the intention of leaving. We both figured that was the end of any further bondage games for today (and I realized, sadly, that this would likely be the end off anymore bondage games for me this summer). However, Becca had other ideas. Before we could even step through the door, Becca reached out and grabbed our arms. Then, with that Cheshire Cat smile on her face, Becca roughly escorted us back downstairs to the rec room.

"I guess we're not going home," I muttered to Karen.

"How can you?" Becca asked, as she shoved us into the bedroom. "Nobody paid your ransom yet!"

Once she shut the door, Becca promptly grabbed a length of rope and ordered me to sit down in a hard back chair that she had placed in the center of the room. When I sat down, Becca pulled my arms through the chair back and tied them together at the wrists. Becca grabbed my blindfold, which I had bundled up in my hand (my swim suit was in the speedo style and had no pockets whatsoever) and slung it over my face so as to blindfold me again. However, Karen, who had been anxiously watching my binding from a seat on the bed, blurted out: "Could you not blindfold us this time?"

Becca stared imperiously at her, as if to say "Who's the captor here, you or me?" Nevertheless, instead of blindfolding me, Becca cleave-gagged me with the handkerchief.

I was left seated in the chair while Becca turned her attention to Karen. Becca cleave-gagged Karen with her former blindfold, then bound her wrists together in front of her. After Becca made Karen lie down on the bed, she secured Karen's tied wrists above her head to the headboard. Becca then tied Karen's ankles together. There was no foot post on the bed to secure Karen's feet to, so Becca was going to run a rope down underneath the bed to the metal frame itself--but then she paused and stared right at me.

Becca promptly came over to me, untied my hands, and made me get up off the chair. She then brought the chair over to the foot of the bed. I was made to sit back down, where my arms were once again pulled through the back of the chair and tied together at the wrists. I sat with the back of the chair facing the foot of the bed, and Becca used the back of my chair to secure Karen's bound feet to. I watched as poor Karen's body was pulled taunt by her bonds--although she said later she wasn't in any pain.

Now that Karen was very securely tied, Becca turned her attention back to me. My legs were tied together at the ankles, then they were secured to my wrists via a length of rope that ran underneath the seat of the chair. This forced my bound feet to be pulled back so that they rested only on the ball of the foot. In short, Becca did her usual thorough job in making sure that we weren't going anywhere.

Becca stared at the both of us with a satisfied smile. "You lovebirds aren't going anywhere, now!" I could recall feeling both embarrassed and outraged by that comment. I liked Karen, a lot. But I certainly wasn't in love with her, and neither was she in love with me (or so I thought back then). In any event, I merely sat there and waited until Becca left us alone.

Once she was gone, I felt the back of the chair squeak and groan as it started shaking back and forth all by itself. I craned my head over my shoulder and saw Karen was pulling against the rope that secure her feet tot he back of my chair as best she could. But when she saw me looking at her, she stopped in a flurry of giggles--which, thankfully, were not muffled by her cleave gag. Karen always had a sweet laugh that was easy on the ears, and very infectious (she still does).

There was very little that Karen and I could do. I was bound securely to the chair, and the very weight of my body on that same chair helped to keep Karen tied down to the bed behind me. This is not to say that I hated being in this position. Just the opposite, I loved every minute of it. "Jonny Quest" and "Nancy Drew" had finally met their match in Becca, The Dragon Lady.

After a good half and hour or so, Becca returned. She had exchanged her shorts and blouse for a two piece bathing suit. "I'm going for a swim," she announced. "Would you two like to join me?"

We agreed, and she untied us. The three of us went swimming with the others at Aunt Jean's. That was the last time I played tie up games with "The Usual Suspects" that summer. Of course, I would see them all again...and a lot sooner than I had expected. But not before having a little adventure with a couple of the neighborhood kiddies at home. That one's next. As always, thanks for reading.

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