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A Bad Day To Be A Boy Part 1

By Doug R

During the early summer of 1978, when I was thirteen years old, my cousins came up to my house for a two week visit. They brought along Karen (14), a neighbor of theirs who also became a very good friend of mine over the years. On Friday of the first week of their stay, my cousins and Karen were joined by Becca (15) and her brother Jim (13). Becca made a big impression soon after she first arrived. A few hours after they had settled in, I was speaking with Jim on the porch. My cousin George (8), my friend Scott (13) and Tyler (10) my bondage-crazed little neighbor, sat with us.

Right in the middle of our conversation, Becca sat down next to me, placed an arm around my shoulders, and said, "Hiya lover. Did you tell them the good news?" When I simply stared at her, Becca turned to the guys and said, "Doug and I are getting married."

Tyler stared at Becca and me with a mixture of shock and repulsion. George and Jim, who knew Becca very well, shook their heads with this "here she goes again" look on their faces. And Scott...well, Scott wasn't really paying attention to what Becca said. I vividly recalled my friend staring at Becca with raw lust for the entire weekend. Poor Scott; he had it bad.

Becca and Jim were very impressed with my home, which was on the shores of a lake, and were eager to go swimming. And so we all went swimming--all of us except for Karen, who had successfully avoided swimming in the lake all week because of those "wiggily things" in the water. Karen was a great swimmer; it was just that at that point in her life, she had swam only in swimming pools with crystal clear water. Despite the fact that she did not want to go in the water, this did not stop Karen from putting on a two piece bathing suit. She stood on the dock and watched us splash around in the lake. At one point, I stopped swimming and called for her to come in. Karen actually stood on the very edge of the dock, with her toes hanging over, with this thoughtful gaze on her face, as if she was really considering diving in.

But the choice was taken away from her when George and Tyler ran up from behind Karen and shoved her into the water.

I swam over to Karen and she clung tightly to me--which wasn't a bad sensation, I might add. My other cousins Donna (14) and Shirley (12), as well as Tyler's sister Mona (12), were screaming for George's and Tyler's blood as they both climbed onto the dock and chased the boys around my back yard.

"Do you think you can swim over to the dock?" I asked Karen.

She gave me a small nod. Her raven black hair was plastered to her head. We both swam to the dock, where I put a towel over Karen's shoulders. She appeared to love the attention I was lavishing on her--so much so that she completely ignored the fact that Donna, Shirley and Mona had cornered the boys and were struggling to drag them to the dock. But George and Tyler were doomed when Becca, Jim and Scott climbed out of the water and eagerly joined in the battle.

They started to drag the boys towards the water when Becca held up her hand and said, "Stop, I have a better idea." Then, with that Cheshire Cat grin spreading across her face, Becca turned to me and asked, "Where do you keep the rope?"

That made everybody really cheerful--everybody except George and Tyler, who immediately began apologizing to Karen. We dragged, carried and shoved the little creeps into the ground floor rec room of my house. I ran up to my room and retrieved my "bondage bag". When I returned to the rec room, I simply handed the "bondage bag" to Becca and stood back to watch the fun.

Donna bound her little brother's wrists behind his back, while Becca bound Tyler's wrists behind his back. But while George voluntarily placed his hands behind his back, it took both Jim and Scott to hold Tyler in place, while Becca bound him. Once Tyler's wrists were tied behind his back, Becca had him placed face down on the floor of a storage room, which held our winter clothes during these warm summer months.

When Tyler was in there, she bound his ankles together, then secured them to his wrists via a tight hog-tie. After this was done, Karen had the pleasure of gagging Tyler with duct tape. She also blindfolded him by wrapping a handkerchief around his head, which covered his eyes.

George fared no better. After Donna bound his wrists behind his back, she and Shirley made him lie right down in the storage room floor next to Tyler, where his legs were tied together at the knees and ankles. Perhaps it was because he didn't struggle as much as Tyler did, but George wasn't hog-tied. Instead, his sisters wrapped another strand of rope around his torso--which had the effect of securing his already bound arms to his sides--and then they allowed Mona to get in on the fun; she gagged George with duct tape, and blindfolded him with a handkerchief.

George and Tyler, who were both barefoot and shirtless, clad only in bathing suits, struggled and writhed in vain against their bonds. I have to admit that I took great pleasure in watching Tyler get trussed up, especially after some of the not so nice things that he did to me while I was tied up at his house. Leave it to Becca to finally get the little creep in ropes.

Mona knelt back and watched the struggling with pleasure, until she stared at me, Jim and Scott, and said, "Hey, why don't we tie up allall the boys?"

No sooner did she say that then Karen abruptly grabbed me in a bear hug, and wouldn't let go. Mona reached out and tackled my legs, and the three of us fell giggling to the floor. Jim grabbed Scott's arm and tried to run out the storage room with him, but the only exit was blocked by Becca, Donna and Shirley. But I wasn't paying much attention to what was going on there, for I was having my own problems.

I lay face down on the floor with Karen straddling my back. Mona retrieved the rope and gave some to Karen, who used it to bind my wrists together behind my back. Mona then went down and started binding my ankles together. Like the other boys, I was barefoot and shirtless, and clad only in a swim suit.

As I helplessly lay there, I glanced up and saw that Jim and Scott weren't faring any better. Jim was being bound hand and foot by Donna and Shirley, while Scott was getting the full treatment from Becca. To my knowledge, this was Scott's first tie up game and he certainly enjoyed it...I think. His face was as red as a fully cooked lobster--so much so that Becca actually asked him if he was all right. He just grunted something and nodded his head.

"So you want me to continue?" Becca asked.

Scott nodded his head and managed to say, "Yeah."

"You're really sick, Scott, you know that?" Becca said with mock disgust, as she resumed binding his wrists. "I thought Doug and Jim were bad, but you're a real pervert."

This brought a round of laughter, mostly from the girls. Poor Scott. I didn't think he could get any redder than he already was, but he did. I decided to defend my friend. "If you gals want to see some real perverts," I boldly said, "then just go look in the mirror."

They all went "Oooooo" at me; even Karen, who rolled me over on my side and taped my mouth. While she did this, Mona was happily working on putting me in a good, firm hog-tie. I saw that Jim and Scott were also hog-tied and gagged.

Becca, who knelt before the completely bound and helpless Scott, held up her hands and wiggled her fingers. "Now, we have some real fun!"

And with that, Karen leaned real close towards me and said, "Guess what my three favorite words are? Ticki-Wicki-Woo!"

It was terrible, let me tell you. Between Karen tickling my body, and Mona, who tickled my bare feet, I was flailing around like a fish out of water. I can't remember too well what happened to the other boys, but I did see Donna come over and lay some tickling hands upon George and Tyler. By the time this horror was over, I lay there, completely spent, with tears in my eyes. Karen practically lay on top of me, using me as a pillow.

Becca started fanning herself with her hand. "It's getting warm in here. Let's take a break and get some iced tea!"

All of the girls stood up and left the storage room. My fellow captives and I wiggled and writhed around on the floor for several minutes. And the only sounds that could be heard were the muffled grunts under our gags.

I saw George rubbing his head against the floor, and I realized what he was doing: he was working the blindfold so that it rolled up off of his eyes. Once it was up past his eyes (although he appeared to have a bandanna wrapped around his head) George peered around the room until he saw me. I was the closest one to him, and I just happened to be on my side, with my bound limbs facing him. George, who was the only one of us who wasn't hog-tied, promptly rolled his bound body over to me like a human rolling pin. When we lay back to back, George picked at the knot that bound my wrists until it came loose.

Once my hands were free, I ignored my bound legs and gagged mouth and immediately rolled over and untied George's hands. I didn't know when our captors would return, so I wanted as many people untying themselves as possible in whatever amount of time we had left. When George's hands were free, he ignored his bound legs while he instantly freed Tyler's hands. By this time, I had pulled off my gag and got my legs free. I went over and untied Scott. George went over to untie Jim.

While we pulled the rope from our bodies, we swore vengeance against the girls. Our revenge would be swift and merciless.

And it would also have to wait--for when we were all free, George, Jim, Tyler, Scott and myself went looking for the girls, and we found them...with my mother.

Becca, Donna, Shirley, Mona and Karen all sat with my Mom on the back porch. I couldn't get over the sweet little smiles the girls had, as if they were all a bunch of cherubic little angels who never did anyone any harm. When my mother asked us if we would like lunch, we quickly agreed. What else could we do? The game was on hold for now.

But right after lunch, the bondage madness resumed. And while things didn't exactly work out the way I had planned, I still had a ball. That story will be next. As always, thanks for reading.

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