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Becca's Turn

By Doug R

When I was ten years old, I spent two weeks during the summer at my Aunt Jean's house. During the second week of my stay, my cousin Donna, 11, and I had gone over to her friend Becca's house for a swim in her pool (Shirley, 9, couldn't go because of some chores that she had neglected). Becca had been threatening to spring a bondage game on me ever since I tied up her, Donna and Shirley the other day (see my post in the April section). So I had been anxiously expecting her revenge since I first walked onto her property. But we simply spent the afternoon swimming until Becca's mom had called us into the house when it started raining. As I stared at the downpour through the sliding glass doors in the kitchen, I cringed at the thought of walking barefoot back to my Aunt's house over the now muddy ground. The bathing suits which Donna and I wore were the only clothes that we had with us. I didn't even bring a shirt.

After Donna called her mother to tell her that she and I were ok, and staying over for dinner, Becca picked up my water pistol and pointed it at Donna and me. "You two get downstairs right now," she ordered. "And no funny business."

While I wasn't surprised that Becca had finally made her move, I was astonished that she was taking Donna prisoner this time, as well. Becca and Donna were usually partners in crime when it came to these games. Becca's brother Jim (10), led the way while we went down to their basement storage room. I saw that it was filled with cardboard boxes and other knick-knack stuff. There was also a dilapidated old couch which leaned up against the wall.

Becca picked up a bundle of rope and ordered me to sit down on the couch, with my back facing her. When I did, she bound my wrists behind my back, then cleave-gagged me with a scarf. Then, after I was shoved back against the couch's cushions, she bound my ankles together. The springs must have been broken, because I didn't sit back on the old couch as much as I sunk into it.

Throughout all of this, Jim and Donna stood facing each other awkwardly. Donna gave Jim an expectant look, to which his response was only to stare at her. "Either you tie me up, or I'll tie you up," Donna finally told him in exasperation.

This seemed to spur Jim into action. After making her sit on the edge of the couch, Jim bound Donna hand and foot and then cleave gagged her. When her brother was done binding Donna, Becca shoved her back against the couch cushions.

Donna and I could only stare up at our captors as we waited for what they would do next. Becca had a satisfied look on her face as she said, "The case of the kidnapped cousins."

Our giddy captors soon left us with the promise that they would return very shortly. Donna didn't waste any time. As soon as she and I were alone, Donna started twisting her body around so that her bound hands faced me. Smiling under my gag, I did the same until my own bound hands met hers. Sitting back to back, I felt Donna's fingers find the knot binding my wrists together and she began tugging at it. The knot came loose in no time.

I quickly pulled the ropes free from my wrists, then turned around and untied Donna's hands. Then we pulled our gags down.

We were working feverishly to free ourselves so we could turn the tables on our captors. Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you choose to view it) Becca returned to find us both leaning over and untying our ankles. Becca had changed into shorts and a shirt, and she stood there giving us an amazed look. "Are you two escape artists?" she asked.

"Yeah," I replied. "Is this the best you can do?"

When I saw Donna cringe, I realized that remark was a big mistake! Because Becca immediately set out to meet my taunt by pulling our gags back into our mouths and retying our hands once more behind our backs. Then she wrapped another rope around my torso, binding my arms to my sides. She was tying Donna the same way when Jim returned. He had changed into jeans and a t-shirt, and had stopped short at this new bondage session.

"You didn't like the way they were tied the first time?" he jokingly asked. Becca ignored him. She had an intense, determined look on her face as she proceeded to bind my ankles and knees together, then did the same for Donna's legs.

When their mother called from upstairs, Becca told Jim to stay and guard us as she ran out to see what her mother wanted. Jim awkwardly leaned against the wall and tried to stare at everything but his two bound captives. We all glanced towards the window (which was near the ceiling) when a flash of lightning illuminated the dim room, followed by a clap of thunder in the distance. Mother Nature seemed to be providing the right atmosphere for a desperate kidnapping drama. I was loving every minute of it.

I was amazed to see that even with Jim guarding us, Donna was still struggling to get free. She grunted under her gag as she tried once more to twist her body around so that her bound hands were facing me. She stopped writhing abruptly when Becca returned and stood in the doorway. "My mom wants to know if you guys want pizza," she said. Then, apparently remembering that Donna and I were gagged, she waved her hand at us and muttered, "Yeah, you want pizza...."

Then Becca skipped off to tell her mother, her bare feet silent against the tiled floor. After a glance at Jim, who had went over by the window to stare at the rain, Donna resumed her squirming. Soon she was sitting once more with her bound hands facing me. But when I started twisting around to get into position for Donna's hands to reach my own, a creak from the couch alerted Jim.

"What are you doing?" he asked, sounding annoyed as he came over to us. Then, wagging his finger at us, Jim added, "Don't you do anything!"

This caused Donna and me to burst into giggles under our gags. We "behaved" ourselves and remained a pair of good little captives under his watchful eye until the pizza arrived about a half an hour later. Becca and Jim untied us so we could eat. Well, almost....

Becca and Jim untied our legs, but our hands were left tied behind our backs and we were still gagged when we were led to the outer rec room, where the pizza and soda had been set out for all of us on the coffee table.

It was only when Donna and I were seated before the pizza that our remaining bonds were finally removed. After pulling our gags down, Donna and I then ate the pizza with Becca and Jim. As we talked and laughed over the rolling thunder outside, I couldn't help but feel a little melancholy. I was going home the day after tomorrow, and I was going to miss my cousins, as well as Becca and Jim and the fun we had--not to mention that this had been the abrupt end of what was most likely my last bondage game.

Boy, was I in for a shock!

As soon as Donna and I were finished eating, Becca came around behind us and started tying my hands behind my back again. Taking the cue from his sister, Jim quickly grabbed some rope and started binding Donna's wrists together behind her back, as well.

"I thought the game was over," Donna said, her voice rising to a higher pitch than normal.

"What game?" Becca serenely asked, as she pulled my gag back into my mouth again. "We were just feeding our captives, that's all."

After Donna and I had been re-gagged, we were then both hog-tied right there on the floor in front of the coffee table. After we were securely tied, Becca and Jim casually cleaned off the table of the pizza carton and soda cans (Becca actually stepped right over Donna and me a few times). Then, they switched off the lights and left us bound and gagged in the dark. The only light we had was the occasional brief illumination of the lightning outside. Although I could still dimly see Donna writhing around on the floor next to me. We laid helplessly with our backs facing each other, about a couple of feet apart.

After about fifteen minutes of getting a grip of myself and figuring out what my options were (which were pretty much nonexistent), I was startled to see both Becca and Jim race back into the room, flick the lights on, and kneel over to quickly untie us.

"If my mother asks about what you were doing, just tell her you were playing hide and seek," Becca told me as she freed my hands.

"She's not gonna believe that," Jim said as he frantically untied Donna. "We're a little old for hide and seek, sis."

I learned later that when Becca and Jim went upstairs to throw away the pizza carton and soda cans, they casually strolled into the living room to watch some TV--until their mother asked them where were Donna and Doug. It was still raining out, so she knew we hadn't left the house. So if we were still here, then where were we?

When Donna and I came upstairs with Becca and Jim, we had already come up with the story that we had spilled some soda on the floor in the basement, and Donna and I stayed behind to clean that up while Becca and Jim threw away the other stuff. Their mother not only bought our story, but complimented Donna and me on how neat we were.

And thus came the true end of our bondage game.

The summer of my tenth year turned out to be a real SOB (Summer Of Bondage). There was more bondage craziness in store for me in the coming months, but, of course, those are stories for another time. Thanks for reading.

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