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The Treasure Hunters: Part One

By Doug R

In September 1978, when I was thirteen years old, I played yet another bondage game with the man that I knew as Uncle Jerry. Labor Day was on Friday of that year, and my parents had been invited to the beach home of some friend of theirs for the weekend. These people were business acquaintances of my father's and it would basically be a “working holiday” for my parents, so I had no interest in going. I had already secretly made plans to hang out with Uncle Jerry in the cabin cruiser for the duration of the three-day weekend, which was not a bad place for a thirteen-year-old boy to be. My parents thought I would be over at my friend's Scott's house, and Uncle Jerry would cover for me. Since I would be starting school the following week, I was desperate for any kind of an adventure.

Little did I realize just what kind of an adventure I would wind up having.

It was noon when my mom and dad left. And I decided to shove off. I had an agreement with Jerry to meet him on the edge of my dock when I was ready to leave--he would literally be cruising by my house every now and then starting at noon. I had removed my clothes and was barefoot, clad only in a scant outfit of a Speedo-style bathing suit, along with a t-shirt that was cut off, exposing my torso. I also wore a baseball-style cap to keep the sun out of my eyes. I brought along some extra clothes--but no shoes--to last the weekend in an overnight bag.

I stepped out onto the dock that ran from our back yard out over the water, and waited. I waved every now and then at the speedboats that sped by. Then I heard the steady rumbling of a large boat's engines. I glanced over and saw the cabin cruiser that Scott's family owned. A shirtless Uncle Jerry was at the wheel, along with Laura. They both waved at me, and I waved back. Uncle Jerry brought the big boat to a stop right alongside the dock, and I climbed aboard.

Laura helped me to climb onto the deck. She was a young woman in her early twenties whom I had met before under very interesting circumstances. Barefoot, she was clad only in a skimpy string bikini; her long black hair was wet and slicked back against her head, and she was deeply tanned. She greeted me with a tight hug and, keeping an arm over my shoulders, glanced over at Uncle Jerry with an expectant smile. Uncle Jerry asked me what I was up to, and I just shrugged. I said I was hanging out on the lake.

Laura and Uncle Jerry exchanged knowing grins, and then he said, “You sure you weren't about to go treasure hunting, Doug?”

“No,” I replied, giving him a strange look. “There isn't any treasure on this lake.”

“Right, of course, Doug,” he said in a condescending manner. “Of course there's no treasure out here. Say, Laura, why don't we take our young guest below and 'make him comfortable'?”

“Make him comfortable?” Laura asked with a smile.

“At least until he feels like telling us where the treasure really is located,” Uncle Jerry said.

And that was when it hit me: Just like that, the bondage game had begun. The idea both astonished and pleasured me at the same time. I had figured we would ease our way into the game. Yet apparently that wasn't the case, as Laura took a firm grasp of my wrist and led me below to the forward stateroom. The area ended in a V-berth cushion underneath a row of windows. I was down here just a few weeks ago, playing bondage games with my friend Scott while we were on a fishing trip, so I instantly recognized my surroundings. Laura made me kneel down on the center cushion of the V-berth, with my back facing her. After Uncle Jerry gave her some rope, she used it to bind my wrists together behind my back. She was pretty good; I couldn't get myself free no matter how hard I twisted my wrists.

I stopped testing my bonds when Laura gently gagged me from behind with a piece of ripped terrycloth that had a knot tied in the middle. The knotted section was slipped into my mouth, and then the ends of the cloth were pulled around my head and cinched off at the nape of my neck. The gag was pretty snug-my mouth was forced open and completely filled with the cloth knot.

Laura then got more rope and bound my ankles together, while I still remained in the kneeling position on the center V-berth cushion. She hogtied my tied wrists to my bound ankles with an additional length of rope. I let out a muffled grunt as Laura clasped my shoulders and gently lay me down on my right side on the cushions.

I lay hog-tied and gagged, with my back facing my captors. I glanced over my shoulder and watched as Laura and Uncle Jerry passionately embraced and kissed as if I was not even there. Then Uncle Jerry left us to go above deck. After a few minutes, the boat's engines rumbled to life again.

Laura sat down next to me on the cushion with one leg tucked underneath her. She lightly ran her fingernails over my bare leg and said, “So you weren't out treasure hunting, huh?”

Not able to reply thanks to the gag, I simply shook my head in the negative. I gave an involuntary shudder--not from fear, but from the sensation of Laura running her fingernails up and down my bound legs, which was not entirely unpleasant.

Abruptly Laura reached out and removed the baseball cap from my head. When she playfully put it on, I had to admit that she looked quite fetching. She stood up on the cushion and opened the clear hatchway in the ceiling; this was another way to get onto the deck of the boat without having to walk back through the staterooms.

“You might want to reconsider your answer about the treasure,” Laura said, as she gave my thigh a teasing slap with her bare foot. “You tell us where it is, and things will go much easier for you.”

With that, she climbed up through the hatchway, leaving me alone in the forward stateroom.

I let out a heavy sigh through my nose; it was a way for me to ease the excitement that I felt coursing through my body like a live wire. I tested my bonds once more, yet I already knew that it was a futile gesture. But I didn't really want to be free, anyway--because I was having way too much fun. To my surprise and delight, I was the captive in a major bondage game barely a week before school was to begin. Within the span of time it took me to step foot on this boat, I became a young treasure hunter who had been captured by a pair of rivals who sought to get the treasure's location from me. I loved it.

After several minutes of cruising on the lake, our journey came to an end as I heard the boat's engines shift gears, then shut off completely. I caught a glimpse of Laura's bare legs running by the stateroom's windows as she went to help Uncle Jerry secure the boat. Once we were secure in dock, the clear hatchway in the ceiling opened and Laura climbed back down onto the center of the V-berth.

“We just stopped for some munchies,” Laura told me, as she casually stepped down from the cushion. “And if you behave yourself, we may give you some-”

She was startled by the abrupt arrival of Uncle Jerry, who ran into the stateroom carrying several strands of rope and a piece of cloth.

“Did you forget something?” Laura asked.

“Yeah,” Uncle Jerry replied with a big grin. “You.”

“OH YOU BASTARD!” Laura cried, as Uncle Jerry grabbed her from behind and started binding her wrists together with the rope. “I thought I was on your side!”

Uncle Jerry, not answering, simply smiled serenely as he finished binding her wrists. He made Laura lay face down on one side of the V-berth, where he bound her ankles together-then hog--tied them to her wrists. After he gagged her with the length of cloth, Laura was trussed up in the exact same way I was.

“I just wanted to make sure you didn't cut a deal with Doug for the treasure while I was busy shopping,” Uncle Jerry told Laura. He was still grinning broadly as he left us alone in the forward stateroom.

Laura let out a long, muffled screech from under her gag, as she began to furiously struggle against her bonds. Clad as she was only in her skimpy bikini, this sight was so pleasing that it made me wish I wasn't wearing my Speedo bathing suit--for it was so snug-fitting that it could clearly be seen just how excited I was by this situation.

When it became clear to Laura that she was not going anywhere, she began to quiet down and cease her useless struggles. We both lay there, listening intently to the various voices of people laughing, talking and shouting as they walked past our boat on the dock. The lakeside general store always did big business on a holiday. I glanced up at the windows of the stateroom, and saw that they were set too high for any of these shoppers to be able to see Laura and I.

Soon, Uncle Jerry returned to the boat. But instead of coming down and untying Laura, he simply cast off from the dock and started up the engines. Pissed off at being ignored, Laura let out another muffled yell from under her gag, but Uncle Jerry probably didn't even hear her. Once more, all we could do was lay there, this time listening to the rumble of the engines as we made our way across the flat clam waters of the lake. Finally, Uncle Jerry cut the engines, and we felt the boat brush up against another dock. I listened to the various sounds Uncle Jerry made above me as he busied himself with mooring the boat.

Uncle Jerry entered the forward stateroom through the hatchway opening in the ceiling. He untied Laura's hogtie, then picked her up in his arms. Laura was still bound hand and foot and gagged as Jerry carried her out through the doorway like a couple on a demented honeymoon. Laura let out a muffled giggle, which faded as she was hauled away.

Still hogtied, I lay on the center V-berth cushion and wondered what would happen next. After a good ten minutes or more, Jerry returned for me. He freed the rope that bound my wrists to my ankles, and then he picked me up off the cushion and slung me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. My wrists and ankles were still tied, and I was still gagged. Uncle Jerry carried me off of the boat and onto the dock--then he hesitated, cursing under his breath. He forgot something aboard the boat.

Uncle Jerry sat me down on a small wooden bench at the end of the dock while he went back aboard the boat to retrieve what he had forgotten. Still trussed up, all I could do was wait for him. When my fingers brushed over something hard and sharp, I glanced at the seat behind me and saw that the head of a nail was sticking up on the edge of the bench. It looked like whoever built this forgot to pound that one all the way in.

I decided to take advantage of it. I arched my back and tried to work it so that the ropes that bound my wrists got caught on the head of the nail. When this happened, I pulled my bound wrists up, in the hopes that the nail might snag the knot and pull it free. This was easier said than done; it was a real trick trying to get the rope wedged on the nail in the right place, and I got so caught up in my little escape attempt that I never noticed until it was too late that I wasn't alone.

When I abruptly heard a boat engine, I stared at the lake and saw a speedboat slowly cruising by. There were four passengers in the speedboat--two women and two men, all clad in bathing suits. The men were at the controls, chatting away, oblivious to everything but their conversation, while the two bikini-clad women lay sunbathing on towels that were spread out over the forward deck of the speedboat. To my amazement, I saw one of the women, a brunette with a strapless bikini top, staring right at me, shading her eyes with her hand. She sat up and urgently put on a pair of sunglasses as she continued to gaze intently at me. I wondered what I must have looked like to her: a thirteen-year-old boy; barefoot, and scantily clad in a casual outfit of a bathing suit and cut off shirt; bound hand and foot and gagged on the edge of the dock.

The brunette said something, and her sunbathing partner also sat up and stared at me. The men finally noticed me when both women pointed me out to them. The driver of the boat sat forward, cut the engine, and stood up for a better look at me.

Uncle Jerry finally stepped back up on the dock. He gave the speedboat a casual wave as he bent down and picked me up. Once I was slung over his shoulder like a rucksack, my head hanging over his back, he spun around so that he faced the speedboat and called out: “Hey Roy! The kid just lost a bet, and now he's paying up!”

I was stunned to realize that Uncle Jerry knew these people. But perhaps that was just as well. One of the men, whom I assumed was Roy, called back: “Good way to teach him not to gamble!”

“Amen, brother!” Uncle Jerry replied, as he began to quickly haul me down the length of the dock.

Now that I faced the lake once more, I glanced up and saw the boatload of my would-be rescuers shaking their heads in bemusement as they watched me being carried off. Only the brunette who first spotted me was not laughing. She removed her sunglasses and kept staring intently right at me until I was carried out from her line of view.

Uncle Jerry carried me into the house--it was the very same place that we stayed at on our fishing/bondage game trip a few weeks ago, the lakeside home that Scott's family owned. I was hauled straight into the small guest bedroom and placed me facedown on the narrow single bed. The length of rope that hogtied me now trailed from my bound ankles, and Uncle Jerry took that and tied the end of it to one of the foot posts. I now lay with my feet tied to one end of the bed.

“Make yourself comfy, Doug,” Uncle Jerry said, “this'll be your home for a while.”

I did not see Laura anywhere in the house, and figured Jerry must have had her still trussed up in the master bedroom, which was at the very end of the hallway, in the direction that he strode down. After a few minutes of just lying there quietly, I figured I might as well try and escape. I tested the ropes by twisting my wrists as much as I could. I was pleasantly surprised to feel some slack--apparently, the little trick I did with the nail help loosened my bonds--and I kept up my struggles in the hopes of getting myself free.

While I twisted and writhed my body in an effort to free myself, the ropes that bound my wrists together behind my back were so slack now that I could simply pull my hands free, and I did.

Once my hands were free, I pulled the cloth gag out of my mouth and let it hang around my neck. I wanted to save it so it could be used again later; I had every intention of allowing myself to be recaptured--this bondage game was turning out to be a blast. After I freed my ankles, I cautiously walked over to the door and peered into the hallway. As far as I was concerned, although I was free, I was still playing the game. I was the newly freed captive who was looking over the place where he had been stashed. I walked down the hallway as slowly and as melodramatically as I could, my bare feet silent against the wood floor. I snuck into the kitchen and got myself a glass of water. I had a gag stuffed into my mouth for the better part of two hours, now.

I got the shock of my life when I turned around saw two total strangers, a man and a woman, standing in the living room.

The woman, who looked to be in her early thirties, smiled at me and said, “Well, hello there! I see you are no longer paying off your bet.”

I stared at her, and realized that it was the same brunette woman whom I saw from the speedboat. Barefoot, she now wore a long-sleeve white dress shirt over her bikini that she left unbuttoned, with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. The man, who looked to be in his forties, was dressed in shorts, a shirt and loafers.

“My name is Sharon,” the woman said cordially. “And this is my husband, Roy.”

“I'm Doug,” I said. I realized too late that I still had my discarded gag hanging around my neck.

“Hey Doug,” Roy said. He had salt and pepper colored hair, and a grim expression on his face. “Are your parents home?”

Before I could answer, Uncle Jerry and Laura--perhaps hearing the conversation--ran out into the living room just then. Both of them appeared to be just as stunned as I was to see these strangers standing here. Still barefoot, and clad in her skimpy bikini, Laura also had her gag hanging around her neck. Laura came over to me and placed an arm protectively over my shoulders. It appeared she knew these two, and was not comfortable with them.

“We need to talk,” Roy said solemnly to Uncle Jerry.

“Certainly,” Jerry said humbly. “You know, when I saw you guys before, I was about to--”

“Let's go outside,” Roy said, cutting him off. His tone was firm. “Now.”

Jerry quickly followed Roy out the front door, leaving Laura and I alone with Sharon. With a charming smile, Sharon gestured at the sofa. “Why don't we all sit down and relax while the men talk over some things.”

Laura grabbed me by the hand and led me over to the sofa, where she sat down so close to me that our bare thighs were pressed together. Sharon took a seat on the coffee table directly in front of us. Laura, who looked very nervous, never let go of my hand. The situation became even more worrying when we heard Uncle Jerry and Roy loudly arguing outside.

In an attempt to divert my attention from these steadily ominous developments, Sharon gestured at the gags that hung from our necks and said, “You two look like you were having some major fun. I'm sorry we interrupted you.”

“It's just a game,” I said, a little too quickly. I admit I was starting to get very nervous myself. I thought that Uncle Jerry was in trouble because of my being tied up before. “I was just playing along.”

“Oh, of course you were, honey!” Sharon said, as she reached out and patted my knee. She abruptly glanced at something behind us and said, “Excuse me, I'll be right back.”

Laura and I glanced over our shoulders and watched as Sharon quietly consulted with Roy about something. Then she nodded and came back over to us. “Jerry has to go get something for us. In the meantime, Doug, how would you like to come over to our house for a while? No need to get changed, you can come as you are and continue playing your game with Laura. How does that sound?”

Truth be told, that didn't sound very good at all. I barely knew these people--and while Jerry and Laura knew them, it didn't look as if they were the best of friends; the tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. When I glanced anxiously at Laura, she whispered in my ear: “Just stay calm and do whatever they say. C'mon.”

We got up off the sofa, still holding hands, and followed Sharon out of the house and onto the dock. Roy strode ominously behind us. They had their speedboat moored to the dock; it was dwarfed by the big cabin cruiser. The other man and woman were aboard the cabin cruiser. When they saw us approach, the second man waved and said, “Nothing.”

“He's supposed to be getting it right now,” Roy said.

“He will get it,” Laura insisted. “Jerry's not the type to just run off.”

“Of course he won't,” Roy said with heavy sarcasm. He grimly gestured for us to get aboard the small speedboat.

As soon as Laura and I were aboard their boat, Roy directed us below the forward deck to the cabin. Unlike the stateroom on the cabin cruiser, this cabin was roughly the size of a broom closet, with a full berth that took up most of the floor space. I nearly knocked into it with my knees once I stepped into the cramped quarters. There was no room to walk around in here; you had to lie down as soon as you entered the cabin.

Still holding hands, Laura and I stood side by side with our backs facing the door, breathlessly waiting for something to happen. As the second man came down the passageway steps, I clearly heard Sharon above deck casually say: “Might as well let them continue with their tie-up game.”

The laughter that followed chilled me to the bone. I let out an audible gasp when Roy reached out from behind me and slipped the knotted section of my gag back into my mouth. As he re-cinched the twin strands of cloth at the nape of my neck, making sure the gag was securely held in my mouth, I felt Laura's hand being torn from my grasp. I glanced over and saw the second man had also re-gagged Laura as well.

My wrists were snugly bound together behind my back with rope, and then I was made to lie facedown on the broad cushion of the berth. The other man then bound Laura's wrists behind her back, and forced her to lie facedown next to me. Roy crossed my legs over one another, and then tied them together in that position at the ankles with more rope. The other man soon bound Laura's ankles in the same fashion.

Once we were bound and gagged to their liking, the men left us in the confined cabin. Laura and I exchanged wide-eyed looks over our gags as we heard the boat's engine rumble to life. A chill of fear swept up my spine as this dire situation finally hit me with full force: without knowing exactly the reason why, I--along with Laura--had just become a real-life kidnap victim.

And our ordeal had only just begun.

To Be Continued....

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