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Beach Boredom

Poser artwork by Doug R.

This all started because Tyler had been bored.

This was the first time the twelve year old boy had joined his parents on one of their tropical island vacations, and two days into it, Tyler had already wished he had stayed home. His parents did nothing but sit around the beach resort and get sun tans. By the third day, Tyler decided to have some fun on his own. He left his parents at the resort and walked up the beach, hoping to find an adventure. Barefoot and shirtless, he was dressed for the beach, clad only in his blue bathing suit. He stopped short when he saw a man digging a deep hole in the sand, and wondered if he was looking for buried pirate treasure.

Yet when he walked up to the man and peered into the hole, Tyler was horrified to see that the man was digging a grave for a body. The corpse lay by the side of the hole, half wrapped in a sheet. The man, startled by Tyler's presence, reached out to grab the boy, yet Tyler was too quick. The boy ran for his life down the beach, until he saw a woman walking towards him. She was barefoot, and clad in a bikini. She had to be another tourist from the resort. Tyler ran up to her and warned her about the man down the beach.

That was when the woman grabbed Tyler up in her arms and held him firmly until the man came running up to them. "He saw everything," the man told the woman, and Tyler realized that she was in on it. "I couldn't stop him."

"Just give me the rope," the woman said. "I'll take care of our little friend."

Once armed with rope and cloth, the woman brought Tyler over by the water, where she made him lay facedown in the sand. She trussed the boy up in a hogtie position and then gagged him with the cloth. The woman stood over the bound Tyler as the man came over. "Killing the curator is one thing," the man said uneasily, "but killing a kid...I don't know...."

"We won't have to do anything to him," the woman told him. "High tide's coming in, and trussed up as he is now, he's not going anywhere. The ocean'll drown him for us. Come, let's get the diamonds ready for the trip."

I should have stayed at the resort, Tyler thought, as the water got closer and closer behind him. It's always better to be bored than dead!

To Be Continued!

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