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By Doug R

So far, my bondage game stories took place during my annual visits with my cousins and their friends at my Aunt Jean's house. But all good things must come to an end (if only for a while). Although I stayed at my Aunt Jean's for three weeks during the summer of 1976, before I knew it, time sped by and I had to return home. After I got back, I was still flush with memories of getting "captured" by the girls in our unofficial "Bondage Club". As I wrote down my latest adventures in my journal at home, I figured that, despite the fact that I would be seeing them on and off throughout the year (thanks to holidays and the occasional get-together) it probably wouldn't be until the following summer that I would play tie up games again. Of course, I couldn't have been more wrong....

Carol, one of my mother's best friends, lived right across the street from us. She had a daughter, who we'll call Lynn, and a toddler who we'll call Patrick. I inadvertantly introduced my mother to Carol when I was seven. I had forgotten my keys, and my mother was having some problems of her own that day and had been unable to get home before I did. Carol saw me sitting dejectedly outside of my own house and took pity on me by inviting me into her home. When my mother, out of her mind with worry about me, finally came home and saw me safe and sound, a neighborly aquaintace instantly turned into a lifelong friendship bewteen her and Carol.

However, it wasn't exactly love at first sight between Lynn and me. She was a year younger than me, and while we were civil to each other, I always saw her as a replusive little troll who should be avoided at all costs (and she made it clear that she felt the same way about me). However, as we got older, our relationship changed and we slowly became friends. If nothing else, hanging out over the course of two summers with my cousins Donna and Shirley, and their friends Becca and Karen, made me realize that girls were kinda nice!

So when Carol brought Lynn and Patrick over to our house for a visit one day, I didn't mind. It helped soothe the pain of missing the gang at my Aunt Jean's. As soon as little Patrick saw me, he let out an excited screech, then toddled over and hugged my knees.

Lynn's welcome was more subdued; she merely gave me a quick wave of her hand. Clad in a light summer dress, she wore sandals--which she promptly removed once she entered our house. Her sandy brown hair came down past her shoulders, and she had a constant habit of flicking it out of her face with her hand.

I took Patrick up to my room for his customary viewing of my monster model kit collection--which he's seen a hundred times already, but had never grown tired of seeing again. While he told me who the monsters were (even getting some of them right), he inadvertantly knocked over some boxes containing some unbuilt kits. No harm done.

But Lynn started to jokingly insult the little guy, calling him a little dummy, amoung other things. While I knew she didn't really mean it, Patrick appeared mortified. So I lightly said, "You better leave my little buddy alone, or else..."

Lynn merely put her hands on her hips in a sassy manner and said, "Or else what? What are YOU gonna do about it?"

I must confess that since I started playing bondage games with the "Bondage Club", the thought of tying Lynn up had occured to me from time to time. But I never had the nerve...until now.

"I'll tie you up and gag you," I threatened her. And Lynn did what I hoped she'd do: She called my bluff.

"I'd like to see you try!" she taunted me.

"All right, fine," I replied. We left Patrick with our mothers in the kitchen and went outside. My father has a small workshop that is separate from the rest of the garage. Shirley and I had been tied up by Donna in here just a few months ago (see my "Seal" Story ), so I figured this would be the best place to tie up Lynn.

I pulled out a stool and told her to have a seat. The stool was pretty tall; when Lynn sat on it, her toes dangled about an inch or two off the floor. "I get to tie you up right after, ok?" Lynn blurted out. "You can't tie me unless you agree!"

I tried to act annoyed, when in fact I was inwardly leaping for joy at how this day was turning out. "Oh, all right," I said with my best exasperated sigh.

I got a managable length of rope and used it to bind her wrists together behind her back. Then, after getting a shorter length, I wound this vertically between her wrists and over the original bond. I then tied the slack from this second piece of rope to one of the stool's legs, thus securing her bound hands to the stool.

I walked around and bent down to bind her feet. I thought about binding her feet separately to the stool's legs--but, feeling that would take too much time and trouble, I decided to simply tie her ankles together. After this was done, I glanced up and noticed that Lynn was already trying to escape her bonds, yet I could tell from the wide-eyed look on her face that this wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

I took a seat on a empty section of my father's workbench and casually watched Lynn twist and writhe around on top of the stool. She put on quite a show, but after several minutes of struggling, my knots still held her firmly in place. Finally, with an exhausted exhale of breath, Lynn glanced over at me and muttered something under her breath.

I jumped off the workbench and went over to her. "Excuse me?" I asked, even though I knew full well what she said. "What did you say?"

"I said, untie me," Lynn growled through gritted teeth. Her long hair had come loose from behind her ear and now hung over half of her face, giving her the look of a wild-woman.

"Oh, ok," I said, smiling. I quickly removed the ropes from her wrists and ankles.

"Now it's your turn," Lynn announced with a satisfied smile. "Get on the stool."

When I did what she said, Lynn then proceeded to bind me in exactly the same way I tied her up. My hands were tied together at the wrists behind my back, then secured to the stool's leg with a second strand of rope. Then my ankles were bound together. I noticed that she even used the exact same rope for my wrists and ankles that I'd used on her.

When she was finished tying me up, Lynn stood back and regarded me with a haughty air. "There! How'd you like that?!"

"Just fine," I replied with a smile. The fact of the matter was, Lynn couldn't tie a knot if her life depended on it. Even as she tied off the knot binding my wrists together, I could feel the ropes already growing so slack I could easily wiggle my hands free. And when she secured my bound hands to the stool's leg, instead of wrapping the secondary rope vertically over the original bond, Lynn merely tied a knot--and not a very tight knot at that--to only one side of the rope which bound my wrists.

"Well, I think I'll leave now," Lynn said, as she backed away from me with a broad grin on her face. "Hope you have fun, Doug...."

"I will," I replied. I pulled my hands free and waved at her. "Bye!"

The whole thing was really worth it just to see Lynn's smug smile vanish as her jaw dropped open in shock. It was now my turn to act smug as I bent over and casually untied my ankles.

Lynn accused me of cutting myself free with a knife from the back pocket of my jeans, but I showed her the ropes she used to bind my wrists, and they were clearly uncut.

She still cried foul, and wanted a rematch--which was fine by me, but my mother called us in for lunch. I offered to let Lynn tie me up again, but only if I got to bind her a second time, as well. She agreed, looking thoughtful, as if already planning her strategy.

Jump ahead about a week, when my parents and I joined Carol's family for a camping trip in the woods. It was still August, but the time left until re-imprisonment in school could now be counted in days, instead of weeks. We were spending the weekend sleeping under the stars in two tents, one for each family.

Everbody rose early that Saturday morning--everybody but me, that was. I was never a morning person (still the same now), and my parents let me sleep in while they hung out with Carol and her family. I awoke when somebody stepped into the tent. But instead of one of my parents, I saw Lynn standing over me. She was barefoot, clad in jeans and a t-shirt--and she held out a bundle of rope in her hand.

"You're gonna tie me up now?" I moaned, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

She nodded excitedly. "Roll over," she whispered, "hands behind your back."

I briefly thought about it. Although I could hear the casual conversation between our parents outside, the picnic table where they sat was still pretty far away, and it wasn't facing the front of our tent. Figuring I would easily escape from Lynn's knots like I did the first time she bound me, I rolled over on my stomach in my sleeping bag and put my hands behind my back. I was clad in a pair of cotton shorts and a cut-off T-shirt which exposed my midriff (this was a compromise with my mother, who wanted me to wear a shirt--which I objected to, because it would been too warm in the sleeping bag; so I wore this cut-off shirt).

Lynn bent down and proceeded to bind my wrists together behind my back with a strand of rope. She wrapped the rope around about four times, then knotted it off as tightly as she could. However, her binding skills hadn't improved since our last game, and I could once again feel the ropes grow slack even as Lynn tied me.

Satisfied that my hands were securely tied (and I gave her no reason to think they weren't), Lynn unzipped my sleeping bag and bound my bare feet together at the ankles. Once finished, Lynn zipped me back up in my bag, and said, "Have a good sleep, Doug!" She then exited the tent with an excited giggle.

I laid there, savoring the moment. It was easy for me to imagine that I was some kind of youthful adventurer (like Jonny Quest) who was abducted and tied up in a tent by the bad guys. I tried hard to ignore the cheerful conversation outside. When that didn't work, I merely imagined that they were my abductors, going over their plot for world conquest.

This was shattered when I heard Patrick, nudged on my the adults, calling my name.

Without further ado, I pulled my hands free of Lynn's bonds, then unzipped the bag and untied my ankles. I got up and joined everybody out by the picnic table. Lynn glared at me from the opposite end, and I merely smiled back at her.

It was a while before I tied up Lynn again. Whenever I tried to remind her that she owed me a bondage game where I would bind her, Lynn would find some excuse to put it off.

However, she finally consented sometime in September. I encountered Lynn as she was walking home one day after school with another girl who we'll call Mona. Lynn actually introduced me to Mona as "the guy who I play tie-up games with."

When I reminded her that she still owed me a bondage session where she would get tied up, Lynn shrugged this off with a boast that she would escape in no time. I noticed that Mona appeared very interested, and she upped the ante by saying she would like to see Lynn The Great Escape Artist work her magic.

The three of us met at my house later. Lynn had changed out of her school clothes into jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. I decided to tie her up in our basement rec room, which would offer us some advance warning just in case my mother came home early.

With Mona looking on with great musement, I tied Lynn's hands in front of her with some trusty clothesline rope. Then I had her sit down in a reclining chair. The chair's back was basically a cushion resting against a wooden frame. I had earlier bound a length of rope to the top vertical board of the chair's back frame. Once Lynn sat down, I had her put her arms above her head and secured her bound wrists to the top of the back of the chair.

Mona was fascinated; Lynn was starting to look worried. The chair she sat in swiveled 360 degrees on a base that was hard for me to reach, so I had to settle for simply binding Lynn's legs at the ankles and knees with more rope. However, this did the trick, because Lynn wasn't going anywhere. Once I was finished binding her, I stood back with my arms folded in front of me and said, "Ok, Houdini, escape!"

Lynn sincerely tried to break free, and the chair creaked and groaned in protest as she squirmed and contorted her body in her effort to escape. But, finally, after an honorable attempt, Lynn sagged back against the cushion and let out an exasperated breath.

I took this as a signal to end the game by cutting her loose. Lynn complained that the reason she couldn't escape was because I had tied the knots too tight--an excuse which both Mona and I took with a grain of salt.

I never played anymore bondage games with Lynn after that, but I had inadvertantly recruited Mona into the bondage ranks. While Mona demurely turned down Lynn's repeated requests for her to try escaping from my bonds that day, she would eventually agree to play some bondage games with me in the future (and, to my shock, would turn out to be much better at tying knots than Lynn). However, that's a story for another time. Next up, my cousins Donna, Shirley and George spend the weekend at my house...only to become my captives (actually, only Donna and Shirley). That story, as well as the girls' revenge on me, will be coming up soon. As always, thanks for reading.

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