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The Lake Monster

By Doug R

During Easter vacation of 1977, my cousins Donna (13), Shirley (11) and George (7) spent the weekend at my lakeside home. I was twelve years old then, and already a "veteran" of quite a few bondage games, the last being with some girls who lived in my neighborhood (see my last post, in the June Part One 1999 archive).

My cousins Donna and Shirley actually initiated me into the games when I was ten, and I was expecting to play some more when they came up that weekend. I was not disappointed.

The first day went by harmlessly, with me acting as the official tour guide for my cousins. I had some fun trying to convince George that we had our own version of the Loch Ness Monster living in the lake, and that I would often see it swimming by my house. While all three of my cousins openly ridiculed that notion, I noticed that, from time to time, each of them would gaze warily at the glassy waters, as if wondering if a large serpent could really be somewhere down there.

Later that night, George was asleep on the fold out cot in my bedroom, while I sat up in my bed reading comics. When I overheard some noise in the hallway outside, I got up and cracked my door open. I just caught a glimpse of the girls descending the steps, whispering to each other excitedly. I couldn't resist, so I threw on my robe and carefully went downstairs, my bare feet silent on the carpeting.

I immediately saw that Donna and Shirley had commandeered our kitchen and turned it into a "lake monster lookout station". They were peering out the large bay window. Shirley was clad in pink and white pajamas, while Donna wore only an extra large football jersey. They were both barefoot.

Standing in the doorway, I folded my arms across my chest and sternly said, "What are you doing?"

To their credit, they didn't scream, but my unexpected question did startle the girls enough to make them jump. When they recovered, Donna explained that Shirley thought she saw something swimming in the lake from the guest bedroom they shared. Shirley angrily denied this. But the scarlet shade her face took on indicated otherwise.

"Oh, you'll see the monster soon enough," I told them in my best ominous voice. "Because I'm going to feed you to him!"

Donna and Shirley exchanged a wary look, then they abruptly made a run for it. I caught Shirley from behind and wrestled her to the floor while Donna skipped over us and dashed downstairs to the rec room. Having nothing to tie her with, I pulled the sash off of my robe and used it to bind Shirley's hands behind her back.

"This is just a bondage game, right?" Shirley asked anxiously as she knelt with her back facing me. "I mean, you're not really gonna take me outside know...."

As I finished binding her wrists together, I reassured Shirley that I was just going to tie her and Donna up, nothing more. We both glanced up to see George looming over us.

"You left me alone," George flatly told me. It sounded like an accusation, and I immediately apologized by asking him if he wanted to help me track down Donna. George, who still looked as if he were half asleep, simply nodded.

With a bound Shirley in tow, we made our way downstairs. The rec room in my house was essentially a big TV room with glass sliding doors leading to the yard with the lake beyond.

I made Shirley take a seat in a large reclining chair, then I went into the utility closet and fetched some proper binding rope with a roll of duct tape. I gagged Shirley with a strip of tape to prevent her from warning Donna. Then George and I went looking for his oldest sister. I instantly knew Donna was hiding in the walk-in closet, because, when I last saw it earlier, the sliding doors were ajar. Now, they were shut.

After pointing this out to George, we converged on the closet. There really wasn't anyplace in there for Donna to hide; I knew where she was the moment I opened the doors.

Yet to her credit, she had knelt down between two of my mother's winter coats (which hung with the other clothes on the bar) and had pulled them over her the best she could. I went over and yanked the coats apart with a flourish, exposing Donna, who merely waved sheepishly at me.

Then her eyes grew wide as she stared at my opened robe and said, "Don't like wearing PJs, uh, Doug?"

To my annoyance, I felt myself blush. Actually, she was right; I always felt pajamas were too warm, so I usually slept clad only in my undershorts. But it occurred to me that, out of the four of us, only Shirley and George actually wore proper pajamas.

"You should talk," I muttered, as I helped her out of the closet. "At least I'm wearing a robe."

Once Donna stood up, I bound her wrists together behind her back with a strand of clothesline rope. I then pulled off a strip of tape and gagged her with it. Grabbing her arm, I brought her over to the sofa, where I helped Donna to lie down on her stomach. After making sure she wouldn't fall off, I crossed her ankles one over the other then bound them together with more clotheslines rope.

Knowing Donna was something of an escape artist, I then secured another strand of rope from her bound wrists to her bound ankles, effectively hog-tying her. Donna grunted once under the gag while I knotted her bonds off, but other than that, she showed no signs of discomfort. In fact, while I gave her the customary post-bondage inspection by checking her knots to insure she wouldn't escape, Donna casually wiggled her toes in the air while humming a song under her gag.

George tugged on my robe. "Doug," he said with a giggle, "look!"

When I glanced over at Shirley, I nearly burst out loud with laughter. The reclining chair she sat in had a swivel base which allowed it to turn 360 degrees. Shirley made use of this function by lazily tapping a bare foot on the floor every now and then, which made the chair--with her in it--spin around wildly.

In order to stop her frenzied swirling, I had to reach out quickly and grab the chair, and Shirley deliberately swung her legs out to kick me in the shins. I immediately repaid her for that by crossing her ankles over the other and binding them together with rope. There was really nothing to fasten her feet to under the chair (at least nothing within easy reach), so I had to settle for securing Shirley's tied ankles to one of the spindles under the left arm of the chair. This caused Shirley to sit with her legs bent to one side, a position made easy on her with her ankles crossed over the other. Still, she regarded me with a calm yet steady gaze that made me wonder what sweet revenge my dear cousins were already plotting against me.

After checking Shirley's bonds one last time, I went over and stood next to George, who now appeared to be completely awake. "How long are you gonna keep 'em like this?" he asked, as he stared at his bound sisters with rapt fascination.

"Until Nessie gets hungry enough to stick his head in her and snatch them up," I cheerfully replied. If it had have been any warmer, I would have bound the girls as close to the water as possible, such as in the boathouse. But the chilly weather outside reduced my little fantasy to having the lake monster poke his head through the glass sliding doors.

However, George wasn't convinced. As we headed back upstairs, George asked me how could a big monster with flippers crawl onto land. Never actually having seen one do this, I wasn't really sure myself, and none of my half-hearted attempts at an explanation met with his satisfaction.

We must have sat there in my room, debating the issue of whether flippered monsters could walk on land, for about ten minutes before my door abruptly flew open and Donna and Shirley entered. Stunned at how they could have escaped so easily from my extensive rope work, I barely had time to react to them before Donna tackled me onto my bed, handgagging me. I laid on my stomach, with Donna straddling me. Shirley, breaking into giggles, pulled a strip of tape from the roll and promptly gagged me. Donna told George to shut the door while she took a length of clothesline rope that Shirley handed her.

My mind was still reeling at how the girls could have escaped so easily and quickly. I knew they didn't have any hidden devices on them. Shirley's pajamas had no pockets, and Donna's football jersey certainly didn't have any pockets, either. But I soon had other problems. Donna pulled my arms behind my back and bound them together at the wrists. Shirley went down to the foot of my bed and began tying my ankles. George stood watching all of this with a look of deep contemplation, like a youthful philosopher wondering about the meaning of it all.

Once I was securely tied hand and foot, the girls then hog-tied my wrists to my ankles. I remember glancing at my alarm clock and seeing that it was now after one in the morning.

The joys of bondage knew no schedule, I guess.

There was some mirthful moments when Donna pulled my blankets over me. I still laid on my stomach, with my bound limbs sticking up in the air. And when the blanket covered my hog-tied wrists and ankles, it looked like a tent. Donna pulled the blanket away, then shoved me over so that I laid on my left side. Then she pulled the blanket up over me again.

"Comfty?" Donna cheerfully asked, looking for all the world like a deranged babysitter as she tucked me in for the night.

I merely nodded and murmured "Um-hum," under my gag. This brought another round of muffled giggles from my cousins.

"Leave him like that," Donna casually told George, "we'll untie him in the morning."

I never believed for a second that the girls would actually leave me bound all night. That was one of the big 'no-no's in our bondage games. I knew I was going to stay bound for the usual half hour or so, then I would get freed.

When the girls left us alone, George must have stood there grinning broadly at me for a good five minutes before he went back to bed. I said his name--which, thanks to my tape gag, sounded like a muffled grunt. It still got the desired effect, because George paused to give me a guilty look, as if he was having second thoughts about leaving me bound. I kept repeating his name over and over--which sounded like a series of indignant grunts under my gag--until he finally broke down and, with an exasperated sigh, came over to me.

George pulled down the blanket and loosened the knot binding my wrists. Then he walked around to his bed and crawled in. Instead of going to sleep, he merely sat and watched me expectantly.

I felt the ropes binding my wrists grow slack, and I was able to move my hands enough to work them free. I pulled the tape gag off, then sat up and whispered "Thanks" to George.

"Are you gonna get revenge?" George asked.

"Yep," I said, as I shoved the blanket off of me so I could untie my ankles. Once I was completely free, I gathered the pile of rope which the girls used to bind me with and left my room with George in tow.

Glancing at the slit under the door, I saw the girls' light was still on, and I could hear Shirley talking softly. They were no doubt waiting until the customary half hour was up to untie me. Well, I had a surprise for them!

But, little did I realize, that there was a surprise for me....

I swung open their door to find Donna lying bound and gagged on the bed! She laid with her hands above her head, her wrists tied to the headboard, while Shirley was busy securing her older sister's bound ankles to the foot post of the bed. Donna, whose mouth was gagged with tape, could only stare wide-eyed at George and me--while we, in turn, stared back equally wide-eyed at this turn of events.

After knotting off Donna's bonds, Shirley finally noticed George and me. She put her hands on her hips and said, "George, did you untie him?"

"No, the lake monster did," I retorted. "How did you guys get free so quickly?"

Shirley merely held up the sash to my robe, and it hit me: I had forgotten that I had used it to tie her hands behind her back. Apparently, it didn't do as good a job in binding Shirley's wrists as it did in keeping my robe closed.

This bondage game was cut off when I heard a truly frightening sound; it was far more scary than any lake monster crawling out of the water: it was the sound of my parents' bedroom door opening. They usually slept like logs--however, in retrospect, I suppose we were getting very boisterous for the late hour.

I instantly grabbed George's hand and tried to dash across the hall with him to my room before being spotted (the girls were on their own!) But it was too late. My mother caught us and began a stern lecture on how a good night's sleep was important to good health.

Mom included Shirley on the lecture when Shirley tried to discreetly close her bedroom door. Shirley stood regarding my mother with the look of a deer caught in the headlights of a semi--while, behind her, I could clearly see Donna's bound bare feet writhing in agony on the bed. Her feet were bound to the foot post, so she couldn't even retract them from sight.

I had assumed that my mother stood at such an angle that she never saw Donna. But Shirley told me the following day that there was no way my mother could not have seen Donna lying trussed up on the bed. Donna said that, at that time, she was too damn busy trying to free herself to notice whether my mother saw her or not (It wasn't until my mother had finished her lecture, and we sheepishly went back to our respective bedrooms, that Donna was finally freed by Shirley).

This has grown into something of a mini controversy between us--the "Did She?" or "Didn't She?" argument--which has lasted even to this day. However, if my mother had seen Donna bound and gagged, she never mentioned it to me. This fact alone convinced me that she never saw Donna tied up (besides, she would have given me a lecture to end all lectures if she had seen her niece lying there bound and gagged). I didn't play another bondage game until the summer, once again with my cousins, plus a local girl named Mona. That was a really interesting experience! It'll be posted next time. As always, thanks for reading.

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