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Hide And Seek

By Doug R

When I was ten years old, I spent two weeks during the summer at my Aunt Jean's house. I discovered the hard way that my cousins Shirley, 9, and Donna, 11, had a penchant for bondage games. After finding myself on the receiving end of these games twice in a row , I'd decided it was finally time to strike back. During the second week of my stay, I was hanging around the homestead with Shirley and George, 5, after having returned from swimming over at Becca's place. Donna had decided to stay at her friend's house a little longer. With the house to ourselves, I suggested to Shirley and George that we play a game of hide and go seek, and I volunteered to be 'it'. During my search for my cousins in the basement rec room, I had come across an empty water pistol, along with a stash of rope and tape in a paper bag. I wasn't too surprised to find this stuff, and decided to put it to good use.

After filling the water pistol from the tap in the kitchen, I later found both George and Shirley hiding in the closet of the bedroom that Shirley shared with Donna. Shirley stared at me with a shocked expression when she saw I carried the paper bag containing the ropes and tape. She immediately ordered me to put it back, stating confidently that Donna would probably use it on me later when she returned. "Not if I use it on her, first," I said with a broad grin. I then pulled out the water pistol and pointed it at her. "Now turn around and put your hands behind your back."

Shirley just gave me a surprised look that was priceless. I squeezed the trigger of the water gun, and Shirley squealed as she just barely dodged the spray of water. She had changed out of her bathing suit and into a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, so she wasn't too keen at the thought of being wet again. "All right," she conceded with an annoyed sigh, yet she still had a half smile as she turned and put her hands behind her back.

I pulled a length of clothesline rope from the bag and bound Shirley's wrists behind her back. I wrapped the rope around her wrist three times, then knotted it. With her hands securely tied, I made Shirley lay face down on her bed. I asked George to stand by the window and keep an eye out for Donna. He gladly did so while I selected several more strands of rope from the bag.

I tied Shirley's ankles together. But before I could even consider whether or not I should hog tie her, George called out that Donna and Becca were coming up the street.

"Donna and Becca?" I repeated, stunned. I had expected to be dealing only with Donna. Shirley rolled over enough so that she could smile broadly at me. "Looks like you've got your hands full, now," she taunted.

"Not with you, I don't," I muttered as I tape-gagged her. I told George to keep an eye on Shirley. I then grabbed the bag and the water pistol and ran into the living room. A glance out the window showed me that Donna and Becca were walking past the front door, around the side of the house, where they could enter through the side door in the kitchen.

I was there waiting for them when they came in. Donna had a towel wrapped around the waist of her bathing suit, while Becca wore a t-shirt that came down to her mid-thigh.

They were both barefoot, and their hair was wet and slicked back. Becca saw me pointing the water pistol at them, and her eyes grew comically wide. "What do you think you're doing?" Becca imperiously asked.

When Donna saw me, she immediately burst into a fit of mock hysterics. "Oh no, we're being kidnapped!" she dramatically cried as she grabbed Becca's arms. Becca caught on, and quickly joined in on the act by asking "What are you going to do with us?"

I ordered them both downstairs to the rec room. Once there, Becca stood with a fascinated look on her face while I tied Donna's wrists together behind her back. "What did you do with Shirley, you fiend?" Donna asked over her shoulder. "She's tied up. George is watching her. Get over to the sofa."

The towel slipped from Donna's waist and fell to the floor. Just when I was going to pick it up and put it back on her, Donna told me to place it on the sofa instead. When I did this, she sat down on it. I knelt before her legs, and tied her ankles together with more rope.

When I saw that Donna's feet were directly in front of one of the sofa's legs, I got an idea. With an additional strand of rope, I fastened Donna's bound feet to the sofa leg. Throughout all of this, Donna watched me carefully with wide, attentive eyes. After Donna was securely tied, I suddenly remembered that I had turned my back on Becca. I was amazed to see that she was still standing there.

I waved the water pistol at her. "Come over here," I said.

Becca hesitated, and I studied her carefully, waiting to see what her reaction would be.

With a slight shrug, Becca simply held her hands out to be tied.

I shook my head. "Behind your back."

Rolling her eyes, Becca turned around and placed her hands behind her back. I tied them together at the wrists with the rope, then I told her to sit on the opposite end from Donna on the L-shaped sofa. When she did, I bound Becca's feet together, then secured them to the sofa leg directly under her, just like how I did with Donna. I stood back and looked over my work. Despite the fact that she was bound hand and foot, Becca still managed to sit very primly. She gave me an expectant look.

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Oh, yeah!" I exclaimed, as I reached for the roll of tape.

"Way to go, Becca!" Donna said as she burst out laughing. "It's nice of you to remind our abductor to gag us!"

All of us exploded with laughter. "How am I supposed to know?" Becca said between giggles. "So shoot me...." When I held up the water pistol, she retorted with, "Don't you even think about it, you little creep!"

I gagged Becca with several strands of tape before she could say anything further. Becca started making a funny growling sounds under her gag, and she regarded me with a melodramatic glare that told me she was already planning her revenge. But there wasn't anything she or Donna could do about that right now.

"Wait!" Donna pleaded just before I was about to gag her.

I stopped, holding the strand of tape in front of her face. "What?"

"Scratch my nose," Donna said, then she burst into another fit of giggles. I gladly gagged her. The lower half of her face was soon covered with tape.

I carefully rechecked their bonds, and when I was satisfied that they were securely tied, I started walking towards the door. "I think I'll go upstairs and check on Shirley," I casually told them. "I'll be right back. Don't you two go anywhere."

As I ran back to check on Shirley, I remember feeling elated at the thought of finally giving the girls a taste of their own medicine. When I got back to the girls' bedroom, I saw that Shirley was lying face up on the bed, with her bound hands tucked under her back.

George was nowhere to be seen. After calling for him and getting no answer, I went over to Shirley and pulled her gag off. "Where did George go?" I asked.

To my shock, Shirley pulled out another water pistol from behind her back and stuck it into my bare stomach. Obviously, she had freed her hands, but left her feet tied and the gag on her mouth long enough to trick me into coming closer. "Oh George," Shirley called sweetly. She had a huge smile on her face. "You can come out, now."

George ran in from his parents' bedroom with an excited look on his face. Shirley gave him the water pistol to hold on me while she untied her feet. I had briefly thought about putting on some kind of show of struggling with either one of them, or making a run for it, but I had left my water pistol in the rec room. Besides, all of the girls had cooperated without any fuss when I captured them, so I really had no choice but to calmly go along with whatever was in store for me. Not that I minded too much, anyway....

And Shirley didn't waste any time. Once her feet were free, she got off the bed and used the same strand of rope to bind my wrists together behind my back. George stood watching this with mild interest. "Whose side are you on, you little creep?" I jokingly asked him. George must have thought I was seriously angry, because he just gave me a timid little shrug.

"He didn't untie me," Shirley informed me. "I was able to work myself free. You didn't tie me tight enough."

I made a mental note to myself to bind Shirley harder the next time as she made me walk out of the bedroom and down to the rec room. Unfortunately for me, Shirley could tie a knot very well; my hands were securely bound behind my back. The instant Donna and Becca saw me as Shirley's captive, they both started laughing uproariously--which was muffled by their gags. Shirley made me sit on the floor with my back up against a support beam while she untied her sister and Becca.

No sooner was Donna freed then she grabbed the bag of ropes and started tying me to the support beam by wrapping long cords of rope around my torso. Once she was untied, Becca knelt down next to me and held up the roll of tape. "Aren't you forgetting something, Donna?" she laughingly asked.

"At least Doug is smart enough not to remind you!" Donna retorted. Even I had to smile at this.

Becca gagged me with the tape--which was an act she appeared to relish. Donna busied herself by binding my legs together at the knees and ankles with the rope. Once this was done, Donna wrapped another strand of rope vertically over the bonds on my knees, then tied the other end to the bonds around my torso. In effect, I was forced to sit with my knees up against my chest.

After shutting the lights off, the girls left me alone in the rec room for about twenty minutes. Donna then came back down with George. George stood and watched with a relieved expression while Donna untied my bonds.

To this day, it always amazed me how we could just slip right back into the regular day after playing one of these games. They ended as quickly as they were sprung upon the intended "victim" (who was really just as much a willing participant as everyone else). But that would change with the next game. It would be my last bondage game with my cousins of that summer, but it was the game to end all games. Of course, that is a story for another time. Thanks for reading.

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